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Netbeans Or Eclipse

(Sebastian Brams) #41

thx Haensel.

I seems that only this way works:

/* @var $matters Matters */

/* @var $model Order */

/* @var $this OrderMatters */

everything in one block is not working in my tests:

/** @var $matters Matters

* @var $model Order

* @var $this OrderMatters */

But why?

(Johannes) #42

Put a new line after /**


 * @var $matters Matters

 * @var $model Order

 * @var $this OrderMatters 


(Sebastian Brams) #43

In my case it doesn’t work.

I put these lines in my view and there is no code-completion for these vars.


(Rapidtransit440) #44

I could never get Eclipse to work, I installed Netbeans in a snap, sometimes the features don’t mean anything if you can’t complete your work.

Also I use Scite/Notepad++

(Mail) #45

I prefer NetBeans because it is faster and more intuitive.

(Derekisbusy) #46

Eclipse kept crashing

(Jamessagan) #47

Since you like vim I would go with the Netbeans + Jvi. jVi is a Vim plugin for Netbeans. it does not have all of Vim’s great features but i find it works quite well.

(Pckabeer) #48

I prefer Notepad++ …

(Lifecurbed) #49

I really like netbeans for both php and rails. Seems to be the most full featured and has the best code scanning/parsing for auto-complete.

(Fsb) #50


For many years I used XCode and when I started using Yii I tried NetBeans. NetBeans gave me gas. It’s user interface is so different from Mac conventions that it is just deeply annoying. It’s understanding of PHP is rather poor too.

I tried Aptana (i.e. Eclipse) and it had some nice features but was a performance dog and unstable. Also had some very annoying UI features.

ThenI tried PhpStorm and after I learned how to use it (which tok some time) I really like it. JetBrains’ motto “Develop with pleasure” is really true for me. PhpStorm is so helpful that it is really pleasing. It is not without its faults, for sure, but it is worth every penny. The productivity improvement I achieved with PhpStorm is impressive.

I have no relationship to JetBrains other than being a customer. But if, because of my sales efforts for them, they want to give me an extension to my free upgrades in November I won’t say no. :rolleyes:

(Nate Rutgers) #51

I have been using Aptana Studio 3. Its a web dev IDE based off Eclipse. I installed the stand alone version instead of the Eclipse plugin because I do alot of Java/Android development and I prefer not to clutter up my toolbars with icons that I am not currently using. So far its really nice but it seems to draw a lot of system resources, my dev computer can spare them though so its not a big deal.

(Muca1306) #52

i’ve used netbeans and eclipse

for me eclipse was better…

right now i’m using Aptana studio 3 (stand alone version) and i’m not going to change it :)

(Kabalweg) #53

Netbeans for me.

I started with Notepad++, then went to Eclipse. In my current job, my co-worker introduced me to Netbeans and haven’t looked back ever since. My most love feature of Netbeans is the debugging tools/feature.

I used to develop in Flex/Flex Builder and debugging is my most missed feature when I went back to PHP development. Netbeans fills that void for me. :)

(Finzaiko) #54

Begin from develop java to php I prefer using netbeans, many features that really helped me.

(Zenbaku) #55

I use Sublime Text 2, as it let’s me code faster and faster than any other IDE. I hate to wait for the IDE to make background jobs or to hang out while doing nothing. Sublime it’s faster and let’s me code non-stop. For revision control I use command line tools. There’s a plugin for Sublime with lots of shourtcuts. That’s for php and web development in general. For Java and other back-end languagues I just prefer Eclipse, its ecosystem it’s much more complete and there many more plugins than Netbean’s.

(Info) #56

I use Netbeans, I tried a few other IDEs such as Eclipse, Aptana (basically eclipse again), PHP Storm as well as simple code editors such as Dreamweaver (fine for HTML or CSS but not a real PHP application) and Emacs etc.

I settled on Netbeans because it ran well on my old laptop which was a little underpowered and used it on my desktop as I figured I’d get more out of learning one IDE really well rather than a few badly.

I wasn’t that impressed initially but I have actually been really pleased with it over time, works well with xdebug, it’s quite good at helping me put code together, git integration, lots of other “little things”. I think the main thing is, whether you choose eclipse or netbeans or something else, is to take the time to get to know the IDE and how it can help you work better as the best tool you have is yourself. I know that sounds cliche but these tools really are supposed to make our lives easier.

For the record Aptana would be my second choice but I am committed to using one IDE long enough to make sure it really works for me. If I feel it slowing me down or hindering me - I’ll switch.

(Charlesportwoodii) #57

I’ve recently fallen in love with Aptana (which is strange because I can’t stand Eclipse). Aptana just feels better for PHP/Yii Development. However when working on a remote server I prefer Vim.

And if I can’t get anything else installed I’ll default to either Notepad++ or GEdit (depending upon if I am Windows or Linux)

(E Tachka) #58

I also use NetBeans on windows 7 and what I love the most about it is NetBeans helps you quickly create Unit test for any of your classes (Tools > Create PHPUnit test), also quickly jump from Test to Class and vice versa simply by pressing ctrl+shift+T.

(Norderik) #59

Being a VIM guy I switched to Netbeans and the jVi-Plugin when I started with Yii. Although there are several vim features that are not supported, it gives a pretty good vim feeling.

(Angel De La Noche) #60

+1 for Sublime Text 2.