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Netbeans Or Eclipse

(Jacob Moen) #21

I’ve actually started using Aptana Studio 3 now, instead of NetBeans (which I’ve been using so far) - and I am positively happy about it. :)

Stand-alone edition, not the Eclipse plugin.

I’ve started using Sass/Compass and HTML5/CSS3 and Aptana has much better support for that.

Only on Windows though, as Aptana doesn’t work on OpenJDK (yet). ;)

(marco@sms) #22

What is so sad about big projects?

I use both IDEs. Mostly Netbeans as it is much faster and not that memory leaking. When it comes to remote projects I switch to eclipse. The remote explorer is great and no other IDE I know has that kinda thing. I am working on Windows, Mac and Linux

(Ekerazha) #23

I used to use Eclipse… then NetBeans… now Eclipse + Yiiclipse

(Mckain Default) #24

I’m using Aptana with my MBP and my Linux box! It rocks! :D

(Aigars Muiznieks) #25

I have used both of them. Eclipse was very buggy and slover than Netbeans. Now when new Netbeans Beta version 7.1 support Remote git (push, pull, fetch) I switched all my Yii and other projects to Netbeans. Now I use Eclipse only when I have to edit some remote code.

(Codesutras) #26

Combination of Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) + eclipse Helios … i love to work in this environment. :)

(Janssensjannes) #27

I use netbeans, and I love it :D

(Tkurland) #28

Netbeans works best for me.

(Jampire Blr) #29

I use Netbeans.

(Fant Geass) #30

I’m using PHPStorm + sometimes Notepad++.

(Binkabir) #31

i used eclipse but it’s slow now i used netbeans latest version 7.1 which also have git

it’s really great

(Icehead) #32

On my MBP I use netbeans and in ubuntu 11.10 I use eclipse

(Eirikhm) #33

PhpStorm 3 here. I’ve spent quite some time with NetBeans, Eclipse and Zend Studio (both before and after Eclipse integration) and PhpStorm is the only one that’s not gotten on my nerves :)

(Dimitar) #34

I use NetBeans - it runs faster and has mercurial and git support which is great as all my projects use either one. Tried Eclipse, but it was kinda slow and crashed more often than NetBeans. I code either yii-projects or wordpress-based ones, no java :)

(Jacob Moen) #35

Aptana works with OpenJDK, so I’m also using it on Linux. :)

The stand-alone version is great. About as fast as NetBeans.

(Chelosalazar) #36

nb +1

(got 2 doodle) #37

Netbeans 7.0.1 on openSuse 11.4 on Core i3

Very pleased with this system!



(R Brad Stephens) #38

Nusphere PhpED. I was using Netbeans for a while, it’s certainly the best free/Java-based IDE I’ve used (I’ve also tried Eclipse, Aptana). PhpED is written in C++ and has an excellent remote debugger. It’s very fast overall, works with code completion, etc. Everything you’d expect and probably more.

The downside: the current sale price is $209 for the version that includes remote debugging. $119 for the “standard” version that doesn’t have remote debug.

(Sebastian Brams) #39

I am searching for a good IDE. Important for me is the code-completion. When I write my own classes with methods I want to see the methods while using an object of the class. I know this feature from other languages like Java (in Eclipse for example). I create a new object of my class and see all the properties and methods.

On my Mac I use Espresso. But this is more a simple editor than an IDE. :)

Any suggestions?

(Johannes) #40

Netbeans does all that. See Netbeans and Yii