Netbeans Or Eclipse

Actually I love to develop with VIM, sadly I need to start working in bigger projects, bigger teams, etc.

Netbeans and Eclipse both have everything that I need to colaborate with a team in an easy way, but my question in not about PHP develop, both are great in that topic.

My question is abou experiences that you have working with both IDEs and YII, and whish one was teh result.

I saw some tools for both IDEs, but none worked for me.

Any thoughts that you want to share ?

I used both of them with a MacOSX environment and I have to admit that Eclipse was my first choice. But, once I open the monitor and checked amount of resources one was consuming vs the other… I decided to work with NetBeans. Opens fast, love its class navigation, and its source format is quite good.


Now I’am developing with netbeans with a MacOsX or Linux ad subversion with other developers that use eclipse with Windows. I think for web (javascript, html, php, …) netbeans is better. Eclipse (for back-end developed in java) is better. Try out both. I’m feel better with netbeans.

I have NetBean, WinCVS, and Notepad++ in Windows XP + P4 2.8G + 2G RAM.

NetBean is high requirement on resources, and always hang my PC during CVS update.

Some of my teammate ( similar PC specs ) complain that NetBean + Firefox 4 will trigger high-memory-usage, it will be better if NetBean + Chrome.

Personally prefer WinCVS with Notepad++.


In that case, no IDE can help you. Seriously…

Are you forced to use it? :)

About the memory issue with Firefox (even though I moved to Chrome dev tools):

Have to update CVS daily, to keep local scripts synchronize with other teammates.

Since mostly on CVS feature and less on IDE feature, it’s OK for me to move to Notepad++, unless have to diff conflict file.

Thanks to Antonio, I’ll tweak it and check on the performance :)

I used both Netbeans and Eclipse and use Netbeans now - it seems to be faster then Eclipse and seems to be more friendly to the user.

Both good with Yii coding after proper setup - you need to include a folder with yii sources to the project libraries path and exclude yiilite.php. There are some articles about how to setup both IDE to work with Yii, see and for example.

Also there is jVi ( for Netbeans and eclim ( for Eclipse to use vim features while editing text.

NetBeans is great!

I was using NetBeans and was happy with it, but recently I’ve decided to give PhpStorm a try. It’s not a free IDE, but it is great! I’m only 10 days into my trial (out of 30 total), but I’m totally in love with it. It provides a lot more refactoring and code analysis tools than NetBeans. It also has native Git support and GitHub integration, which I find rather useful.

I’m still not sure if I’ll purchase the IDE after trial period (as $99 is a deal of money), but I’m thinking on this matter. To be clear, I’m using PhpStorm 3 EAP version, that has lots of new features added.

Like eclipse, and even more I like Zend Studio :rolleyes:

I’m on Ubuntu (w/ SVN), using Eclipse but always on the hunt for something more light-weight. Also used Netbeans but I’m thinking of going back to Geany.

I am newbie. Recently tried both NetBeans and Eclipse, but like Eclipse better with the yiiclipse addon. I seem to get a lot more java crashes using netbeans on my windows 7 machine.

I’m using PHPStorm and it’s great, far better than Eclipse or Netbeans, it feels much lighter and quicker and it has all kind of handy features like importing/exporting settings, colored tabs, extremely good auto-complete/syntax highliting, etc… see also:

I’m using Netbeans… once try eclipse but it runs slow on my cpu (AMD phenom X4and 2GB of RAM).

don’t have any idea why it happens.

Sublime Text 2 is great.

I used both, and both are really great IDEs for PHP development, and both will do their job, and I can’t say which one is better.

nusphere phped is great :D

I use mostly the lightweight IDE geany, but sometimes also PHPEclipse. One feature I miss when I use geany instead of Eclipse is the search utility. The command "grep -r expression dir" works as search utily too (under Linux), but it has some disadvantages compared to Eclipses search.

I user Netbeans after i had a lot of Problems with Eclipse on MacOS. Even on my new MacBook Pro Eclipse was so slow and always crashing. Netbeans has also some strange sides, but it is working very well.