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Netbeans Or Eclipse

(Da:Sourcerer) #61

I’m currently re-evaluating IDEs since egit turns Eclipse (once again) into an unresponsive mess. Netbeans is quite cool with its integrated support for various VCSes. But it looks like I’ll really settle for PhpStorm. It feels more complete IMHO.

On a sidenote, there are really valid reasons to stick to vim or Emacs. If you don’t want or need integrated version control support, you’re probably best off with them.

(Stageline) #62

I have autocomplete problem with netbeans.

Not have suggest for Yii::app()->user or Yii::app()->clientScript etc…

I tested many IDE, and this problem experience all IDE.

Any idea?

  • sory for my bad english

(Yugenekr) #63

Try to use


and similar

To simplify writings, you may use shortcuts, e.g.


Please read http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/31/use-shortcut-functions-to-reduce-typing

(Cino Hp) #64

netbeans forever :D

(Aceandember) #65

I used Eclipse for 3 weeks before I tried Netbeans out. There was no time spent deciding which one was the best PHP editor Netbeans all the way.

NuSphere’s editor is nice and I love their debugger support, but alas, there’s a dollar value associated with it…

Hard to pass up a Free quality product like Netbeans

– works well on both Mac and Windows

(Andrei) #66


I used to code with Notepad++ for quick fixes with remote FTP, and Eclipse or Aptana for bigger things.

I confess having discovered NetBeans not so long ago, and i’m not yet confortable with it, but seems fast and stable.

Some trubles when it comes to git acces, but anyway i’m using the Ubuntu command line for that.

We"ll see, but it could become the first choice.

Did you know anything that could be "better" tant Eclipse or NetBeans ?


(Allanfreitasci) #67

SublimeText2, cross "OS" (Windows,Linux and MacOS)

Eclipse has a plugin for Yii, it’s cool.


Netbeans, both on linux and windows. For quick editing SublimeText 2

(D Mirecki) #69

for free always netbeans, if You want to pay phpStorm is the best for me

(Stageline) #70

Now i use phpstorm but some autocomplete tool not work. Yii::app()->user…

I follow this http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/92/configuring-phpstorm-ide-for-yii/

(Francesco Pelle) #71

Quote! =D

(Tailormade) #72

Is any other IDE dealing with this any better?

But I love PHPStorm, never would go back to Eclipse. For some smaller things I use Notepad++, though there is a plugin (called scratch) which is useful if you want to format code quickly without creating an project.

(Lalzadamohmand) #73

Netbeans ::) , the best one

(Cjaegle) #74

Switched from Eclipse to Phpstorm, after I managed once again to make the IDE unusable (never install updates on that thing…) and I just like it. It feels really good.

(Tomasz) #75

Maybe Netbeans does it all, which doesn’t change the fact, that Netbeans is ugly slow!

Back in 2010, when I started using Netbeans, it was fast like a hell (in terms of Java applications, where all of them are generally slow) and Eclipse seems to be sooou slooow. Few months after, with release of NB7 they’ve implemented “slowness detector” (which actually killed me off laughing, first time I saw it) and then my nightmare started.

I simply can’t afford, on dual-processor notebook with 4 GB or RAM and Windows 7, to wait 5-10 seconds between I double click an item in project’s tree and file is actually opened. I’m trying to learn calmness and emotion-less peace (again), but this is beyond what I can accept.

So, after over-two-years of randez-vous with Netbeans, I finally decided to go back to Eclipse.

(Jacob Moen) #76

I am a happy Sublime Text 2 user. ;)

It is blazingly fast and extremely productive.

Sublime 3 is going to be even speedier, and it features better code navigation…

(Pitchin Nate) #77

Personally I prefer Netbeans over Eclipse.

(Johannes) #78

Here’s my path:


[*]I’ve used Netbeans for quite some time (2 years or so) until I got fed up with it

[*]Switched to Sublime Text 2 after that and got a decent setup with a lot of plugins. But I never got code hinting (not code completion) to work. ST2 has so many cool and useful features but I am really missing this one

[*]Tested out PHPStorm and finally switched to it. It is like a faster Netbeans, with a lot of nice features to ease deployment and testing.


So here’s my suggestion: If you are working on a small project and you know the code in and out => use ST2. If you need more sophisticated stuff PHPStorm is the better tool IMHO. ST2 is cool and fast and the text editing functionalities are priceless but you end up installing 100 plugins to do what you need at some level which totally kills its purpose I guess.

(Trond) #79

I started out with PhpEd which I liked.

Then, out of curiosity, I tested PhpStorm and decided to switch.

Auto complete isn’t perfect, but other than that, I’m very happy with it. I’m very impressed with the support and the speed these people keep adding new features.

(Apfelschaeler) #80

Go for NetBeans! Got a great Plugin for Yii Projects.