I would like to introduce a new site that a good friend of mine and work colleague Maurizio Domba (mdomba) and I have setup in order to solve an issue that actually occurs at this forum and help the Yii community with what we think could be a great tool for their learning or development processes: Yiianswers.com

Don’t get us wrong, the forum is amazing, highly addictive (you can check our profiles -mdomba and tonydspaniard to find out how we love the forum) and very useful thanks to the support of a lot of good programmers that freely give aways their time to help others get the right answers, in order to push Yii to the level where it supposed to be in terms of PHP community acceptance.

Nevertheless, one of the things that we face as the forum grows is that the same questions are repeated again and again, and we believe that this is not because users do not know how to search for a solution but for the structure and functionality of a forum itself. We always thought that could be great to have a site to keep questions and its solutions in a categorized tree where people could easily browse, search, and/or find what they are looking for, and this is why Yiianswers.com is here.

Yiianswers.com is an instant Questions and Answers site, so popular nowadays. We really hope that will help you out and will easy the task of finding the right answers to your Yii questions.

Hope you like it… feedback highly appreciated…


Pretty cool, good job. Sites like stackoverflow prove that this concept is very successful in terms of helping users. I’m sure the site will help the Yii project to get further acceptance and reach.

One thing you might want to fix: Signup email arrives in spam-folder.

Thank you very much Y!! as usual

Really, really awesome! :lol:

CakePHP had one for a long time, now Yii has one.

Not what we care what Cake has or hasn’t, because we all know it can’t compare with Yii. :P

I’ll check it out.

If it’s done right - and I bet it is - then it’s going to be both addictive, competitive and effective.


this is awesome! good job guys …


Excellent job and a great idea! Kudos to Tony and Maurizio! :)

Thanks guys… We will probably start filling up the most repetitive questions at the forum with its correspondent asnwers… But we hope that it will be filled by the users instead :)

The good think is that ‘the Usuals’ are already there :) -missing some though.


Great job guys! :D

Would be nice to be able to sign in with Facebook or Google.

Currently we are working on another big project so we don’t have much time to develop additional features for this site… that’s the reason it’s in wordpress at the first place… I’m not sure if there are plugins to offer facebook/google login

but if the site will be of help and used… we will consider to develop it in Yii… and that time we will think about including those options

Pinned this topic. Will check the project itself later today.

Registration is now ok with Facebook too…

Well, Facebook registration, Fan Page, Twitter Updates, RSS Feeds, Google+, and ShareThis buttons… I think is all related to social… anything else? Now we just need to popup some questions there :)


great work!

change password in edit profile page shows the password as you type (input type is not password)

Fixed… thanks!

Just for your own information, I have updated the browser check to display a mobile theme to easy your mobile browsing through the site.



this is awsome !! great idea and great site !! Bravo !!

I have tweaked the code rendering to show a proper code syntax highlighting… I think is better for us coders… :) easy to view, copy… check it out: http://yiianswers.com

People are not using it yet - come on over! :)

-> YiiAnswers

why this project using wp?

it is easy to create the same in Yii…