Yii Interview Questions

Please tell me where can i get Yii interview questions??

Advanced Members Please Post some interview questions.

Never heard of that… are there any Yii interview questions?

I think he wants a list of good questions so that he can test if someone is a Yii expert or not. :)

could be that he wants the questions so he can get prepared to be interviewed, too :slight_smile:

Yii is very vast but simple. I want some questions so that I can speak something in Interview.

Please HELP!!

Maurizio Domba Sir, Namaste…

I read many of your posts.

So it is safe to assume now that you actually mean jobinterviews? It is still not entirely clear if you will be the interviewer or the applicant :)

If you’re an applicant then it’s most probably PHP questions will be asked instead of Yii ones.

Dear sir(s),

I am an applicant. If possible every one please ask/post at least one simple Yii question. I will make list and find the correct answers.

IMO as an applicant you need first to learn Yii, of course before that you need to know PHP and OO PHP.

It makes no sense to only "know" answers to FAQ about Yii.

  • What does the Yii letters stand for, even if not officially?

  • Which one of these does Yii allow building: websites, web applications, mobile websites, mobile applications?

  • What Web servers Yii can run on?

  • What is the easiest way of saving a new record to a table with Yii as a repetitive task (describe the whole process)?

  • What is the easiest way of updating an existing record in a table with Yii as a repetitive task (describe the whole process)?

  • Is it possible that on a given Web server, /myApp/news.html be a Yii code, and /myApp/worldwideNews.html not? Back your answer with details or examples.

  • Describe two ways of having customized page layouts with Yii.

Maybe the applicant has some OOP / PHP / Yii practice and wants to be sure to answer a given list of questions? Like saying, “I’m ready, ask me what you want”

I personally would not ask any other question then:

  • what is your yiisite username

  • what is your guthub/googlecode username

  • what is your tweeter username

All neede info I can get from those pages ;)

Yes that’s an approach too :D


I think better to develop one small Yii powered application with basic requirements like admin/user login, photo/file upload, active/Inactive actions, listing and detail page … … .

creating this you will get clear idea about architecture and file structure of yii and will get good learning from guide, wiki, forum… … .

That is a fair approach. But also very time consuming and in that regard even a bit risky to the interviewer. What happens if an applicant prefers bitbucket to github and googlecode? What if s/he doesn’t use twitter?

In all fairness, I think no interviewer will take that on him. From my point of view, it is rather important to show profound knowledge of OOP-PHP programming. I’d expect somebody to find his way through Yii quite easily then. If it’s really about Yii, I think a set of rather light questions is sufficient (“Tell me a bit about the directory layout of a Yii webapp. How can this be rearranged and why would you do that?”, “What is your idea on fat controller vs. fat model?”, “What is gii/zii?”). If he passes that, a small demo app as kiran suggested might be valuable.

I’m afraid this is now of little help to the OP. But since this seems to have turned into an interview questions thread anyway … :rolleyes:

Oh, I forgot the most important question: “Where do you look for help if you’re stuck?” If the applicant answers something among the lines of “That’ll never happen,” you can safely stop considering him ;)

Bennouna and kiran Sharma Thanks.

Bennouna, I copied your questions.

I developed one sample application. And I know many things about Yii. But my problem is that if someone asks me a question, I don’t find correct words/sentences to explain. So to sort out this problem I am asking questions from experts. And vast information in manual/forums makes me confuse what to read and what to skip.

If manual/internet is in front of me then I can answer some questions. But at the time of interview they will not allow me for this. Also I am not expert like you. I am programmer with average intelligence.


as i thought the expertization in any field and communication is different thing as you post above.

I can’t say about communication as you/anyone do in interview, but one thing is you had to clear at least about basics of system your interviewing for.

Yes, I am weak in communication.