Which is better framework 2015

I read many article but not found solution which is better

Yii2 vs ZF2 vs cakephp vs symphony

Which is enterprise level framework?

You won’t find the answer because there’s no such thing as “best framework”. Try to narrow the question: “Which framework is the best for the current project and my developer team?”.

You shouldn’t read - you should code. ;)

Better for what?

I only used Yii framework and it has allowed me to do all I wanted. I have never tried other frameworks.

I think you need to post this quiz to any common site like - StackOverflow

see link - Best PHP Frameworks for 2014

You need to do more than just reading articles…

Find out what your requirements are.

Those are extremely different frameworks!

I bet you can find 4 different projects for which each of those are the best option.

All of them.

What do you mean by ‘enterprise level’ anyway?

Here’s 2015 survey. Just started: http://www.sitepoint.com/best-php-framework-2015-survey/

It’s kinda silly that they lump up laravel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as one framework, but split Yii1/Yii2 and Zend1, Zend2, into 2 framework.

Also you can’t select multiple frameworks. If you use 2 (say Yii1 and Yii2), you can only chose one, and that removes votes for Yii1.

Laravel is pretty popular so I’d expect it to ‘win’ even if the survey was completely fair, but the flaws in this one will probably make laravel eclipse everything else, especially in the “Personal choice” category.

Well, it’s a trick ;)

Laravel is popular with the cool kids. Yii is for grownups. ;)

Let Laravel have all the newbs. Suits me fine :)

Yii is like good coffee - it takes a connoisseur to appreciate it.

Well, I can’t say Laravel is bad. Taylor did a great job actually. Especially in Laravel 3 (I like v4 and v5 less than v3). The thing is that it’s different from Yii in its style, goals and set of tools provided.

Laravel’s docs are nice but these are actually barely scratching the surface (that’s why these are relatively compact like CodeIgniter’s). Laravel internals are contrary to its surface: layered, abstracted (sometimes too much) and not that easy to read and undestand. On the other side testing Laravel in a proper isolated TDD style is easier than testing Yii2 because we don’t want to sacrifice API and internal simplicity for the sake of hack-less testing framework itself.

Very true.

Style is the first thing I dislike about Laravel. The web site is so cute, smug, self-aggrandizing that it’s a total turn-off. I can hardly get started with Laravel for this reason. It’s own marketing repels me.

As for goals, they are clear and, imo, inappropriate:

"beautiful code" … "For Web Artisans" … "Expressive, beautiful syntax." … "Value elegance" … etc.

These are not my priorities. These are in fact non-goals. Maintainability is my second highest priority so the code has to be as obvious and conventional as possible, and that means boring. If I want to engage my artistic side, I pick up a musical instrument or my camera.

Results are delivered http://www.sitepoint.com/best-php-framework-2015-sitepoint-survey-results/

Laravel won, I am shocked. I am utterly shocked by this result! /s

You cant expect a member on the yii focum to say laravel is the best lol… if you want to hear laravel is the best then go to laravel community.

it’s all a matter of personal taste and what you want to do.

Laravel community is very huge compared to yii, that’s the only reason they got such a high amount of votes.

Like here you are searching for the best framework so you need to trim your results to only developers who actually used many of the frameworks out there.

If a user has used only laravel then he will say laravel and if a user who has used only yii will say yii.

i was using yii1 and when i decided to move to yii2 i made some research about best php framework. but i always search for results where the user has used multiple framework and in most of the case the reviews said yii2 > laravel. so i guess thats why im here.

always look for reviews where the user knows what he is talking about and not the one who only have experience with only one :)

All frameworks have their own characteristics.But now Laravel is leading because many people are moving from CodeIgniter to laravel.It all depends upon your ease that which framework you want to use to develop your website.

I dunno, but this kind of says a lot:


Yep, Laravel is a huge marketing success. No doubt about the fact.