What version control system do you use?

I’d like to know the opinion of Yii community on version control systems. Which one do you use and why?

As for myself, I use git. I like DVCS because they are much faster than centralized VSC and much easier to set up and use for small projects. The staging and partial commit features are also useful and I totally love local branches and git command-line interface.

SVN because of historical reasons, git because of dvcs and github.

SVN tons of documentation and a newbie like myself set it up with integrated trac (bugtraking) on ubuntu in 1 day. Also, I really like Tortoise SVN for windows client. I also use Rapid SVN on ubuntu client which is not so great. Just started using NetBeans and Eclipse IDE’s and both look like they have SVN support built in.

Git, was my first experience in vcs, and it’s enough for me

I use git because of github & rails

I am fairly new to Development but I started with Bazaar

We use svn because it is more or less the standard, I’ve dabbled with git and used it on older projects but not standardised it at work due to not everyone knowing how to use it yet. Personally I still prefer svn at the moment.

I use Git via the CLI at work but prefer SVN via TortoiseSVN.

I actually can’t stand git. Every time I try TortoiseGit I always find a big problem with it, git doesn’t ignore line endings nor can it force them as SVN can with the svn:eol-style property, and I don’t like how the whole branching thing works either. I make changes in one branch, checkout the master and do git add on a new set of independent files in a new branch are still there.

My favorite ones are git and mercurial. I have experience with subversion, but I really hate when I need to work on project that use subversion for source control, because it is very slow in comparation with SCM and Hg, and because it often cause conflicts, which are not really conflicts.

SVN for simple projects, Mercurial for large projects, Git sucks.

People who are using SVN for their personal projects just don’t know what they are missing out on…

Mercurial FTW. :)

Git is - in Thorvalds own words: a bunch of tools quickly cobbled together - although it has improved a lot since it was made public.

Nowadays, it’s pretty damn hard to pick which one is the better: Mercurial or Git.

I prefer Mercurial.

Because it’s written in Python and thus far more portable than Git.

Because the syntax is more forgiving - and easier for SVN veterans to get used to.

And the framework is more coherent, rather than a group of tools (like Git).

But - as I said: they are so awfully similar that it just boils down to preference.

I just want to say that submodules in Mercurial is better implemented than submodules in Git…

But I digress… :D

My favorite choice is git.

-> fast

-> local branches

-> decentralized

-> git gui

-> git bisect

I am living in all three world (Win, Mac & Linux) and the gui/cli experience is all the same, that is great!

At work we use SVN.

Mercurial is very good (speed on Win/*nix, hooks, integration, decentralization) - excellent TortoiseHg client - one click installation for server + client.

SVN has more chances to compete with new centralized repos and features (1.7+). Needs however external server, like SVNServer for multiple repos. Plus file conflicts are sometime frustrating.

I’ve voted for SVN, cos I use it every day at work, but a year ago I learned Mercurial and still prefer it.

I’m actually a CVS-vet. I don’t have a single project using CVS now, though. At work we decided to settle with SVN for various reasons. I’m using Mercurial for my own projects and I am very, very, very happy with it

I never tried Mercurial, may be I should!

I have been using Git and SVN and since we are working on a small project with only 3 developers, We have chosen SVN which is easier to learn for beginners (and there is a good GUI on every plateform)!

I use Git, SVN and Perforce.

But Perforce is so expensive, so i use it only at work.

I like Git best.

SVN at home, for my small, private projects, where I don’t share code, so no conflicts! :) Also Mercurial at work.

Just migrated from svn to Git.

Git for everything new, SVN for some legacy stuff