we are waiting YII 2


we are waiting YII 2 ,so we hope YII 2 come soon.

and then we will use it for online product.

we think YII 2 should be cute code.

so that is we want.

thank you

This has been written again and again… it’s not advisable to wait for Yii 2.0… it’s still in a very early development faze… as it’s written on the download page the March is the earliest possible alpha release but this can be prolonged too… and even if it’s released… that is an “alpha!!!”… it means not complete… and not usable for production at all… and there will still be much… much… work to make it a beta… not to speak of a release candidate… and only after that a release.

So if you have a project to work on… my suggestion is to jump on with the current version.

I am also waiting for Yii 2.0, but using Yii 1.1 :)

honestly im always login waiting for 2.0. CANT WAIT ::)

I am not waiting for it. :lol:

I am looking forward to it, of course - but it will take quite some time before it’s shipping.

Yii 2.0 is still far from ready. Note that it takes a lot of time to think, discuss and design. It’s not just translating/transforming old code.

In general, we will take the following steps to gradually release 2.0:

  • describing new features (e.g. new features in AR, MVC) to public and receive feedback
  • put 2.0 on github to receive public preview
  • invite community members to contribute to 2.0 to help finish missing parts (such as different caching implementation, different DB drivers)
  • announce alpha release when feature complete
  • announce beta release when passing initial quality tests
  • announce RC and formal releases

Hi all, I just would like to say that I’m too a little bit curious about the next Yii 2, but…

At the same time I’m REALLY happy with the current version of Yii that I’m using.

If I can say something to the developers I think you are right in taking your time to develop the new version, because if you are going to release a major version it should really be an improvement to the current one (and this is not so easy since now Yii is, in my opinion, close to perfection), otherwise it would even be better not to release this major version but continue to improve current one.

Keep up the good the work guys! :)

I was about to say the same thing. I’m REALLY happy with the current version of Yii, it suits all of my needs and its design allowed me to better craft my websites.

I can’t think of many new things that version 2.0 could feature, as current Yii it’s damn good :P

Besides, I think that moving Yii to github will likely bring much much more feedback and new features requests, so Yii 2.0 will fit more and more needs.

Greets and thanks for the hard work :)

Side question but kind of related. I’m currently using Yii 1.1 but would like to keep up with the progress of 2.0. Have the programmers set up a blog, wiki etc tracking changes, additions etc in the new version that is publicly accessible?

I would just like to keep up with any changes that may be made in the framework.

Thanks all…

The best source of information is this forum. When the time has come, watching the yii2 repo will be an option.

Cool, Next month I’ll be starting a new project, I think I’ll develop it in Yii 1.1 (however, It’d have been cool ti implement it Yii 2.0 :) )

Can’t wait for it :)

Yii framework is very cool!

We are waiting for Yii 2.0! But we also hope Yii 2.0 bring more characteristics and higher performance. Come on Yii team! You are the best! :rolleyes:

I played a little while with some other PHP frameworks but wasn’t that pleased with the results. I then somehow came accross Yii. It was easy to use and learn and blasing fast as well!!!

I would like to use this lovely framework in my next project, which is already up and running but in pure PHP and has unfortunately grown to be a big mess and slowly but surely out of control :(.

I didn’t want to implement it using Yii 1.1 because I have the feeling (hope as well) that Yii 2.0 is coming out soon :).


When the will be the first beta of yii 2.0?

Any updates in this case?


one of the most importants issues for me are the

new coding guides at yii 2.

I can not use frameworks at my projects without

a clean codebase.

There will be a style guide for Yii2.

Why is Yii 2 not an open sourced project already? What are there to hide and why?

Hordes of people who wants to drag the development in a horde of different directions?

I think it’s a wise decision to keep the initial development of Yii2 private, until it’s ready for testing. Otherwise there would be no room to work.

People are already trying to drag it (look at the forum topics in Yii 2), that won’t be either more or less.

The owner of the GitHub repository could state a policy to not accept any pull requests.

I can’t find a single reason to hide the development, other than some kind of embarrassment hidden in the code (or the lack of code)…

It would be a perfect way of showing continuous progress and we could be free of all these "status wanted"-topics.

Best case, someone actually contributes something useful and by the time Yii 2 hits alpha, it would be far closer to RC.

When you run a project you get to call the shots. :)