(G0dspeed) #61

Wow very nice! its looking neat ;)

(Patrick Kluwig) #62

Very nice work,

I got an question, did you user an extension for the gallery on the detail site ?

(Alexander Makarov) #63

Which page are you referring as "gallery on the detail site"?

(Alexander Makarov) #64 at techcrunch:

(Patrick Kluwig) #65


i mean if you eg open the site of "Hotel 17" in New York and then click on Photos in the Tab navigation

(Alexander Makarov) #66

Nope, it was crafted from scratch.

(Jehkinen) #67

it’s great, very good job

(Reznor1900) #68

great site!

(Unclere) #69

I’ve added your site to

(Sagarsneh) #70

great idea and site.

(Webosb) #71

Looks great

(Sarthakinfotech) #72


really impressive site.

i am working on a project a need to develop dynamic result page as stay dot com

as user select options from left form it will show results as per the user choice at right site .

ans which extension is used for showing map and locations on map ?

thanks in advance.

sarthak patel

(Alexander Makarov) #73

That’s not an extension, just Google’s API.

(Jeapiecompany) #74

Beautiful design and nice product. Press coverage is nice, hope you did well with TechCrunch highload effect.

(Alexander Makarov) #75

TechCrunch is actually doesn’t give that much compared to TV or being in appstore tops.

(Waterloomatt) #76

Just curious if there any updates on the traffic/load for this site?


(Alexander Makarov) #77

It’s growing contantly.

(Roceller) #78

I really like the design of this website.



Nice site, but I could not find a description of how the site is done, this will be very helpful for all new Yii users, special for me ;)

(Alexander Makarov) #80

What do you like to know in particular? The site is done from scratch using Yii.