(Miguelrojasvargas) #81

Very nice website!

any question, your mobile site is 100% yii + JqueryMobile ?

(Alexander Makarov) #82

Backend for mobile website is Yii but I don’t think we’re using jQueryMobile.

(Hemendra Chaudhary619) #83

Great job. Full featured site.

May i know, you are using some api for hotels or do have own inventory?

(Alexander Makarov) #84


It’s mixed from different APIs and our own data.

(Aman Defines) #85

Pretty Awesome Work! Way to go Buddy…

(Mohamed Aarab) #86

So cool man, I hope to be making webapps just as cool as this one man, I take these kind of websites as great examples for my future projects.

(Elee Designer) #87

Very nice. I was amazed by how fast the site was.

(Prnichite) #88

Nice Website ,Thanks

(Yaroslav Molchan) #89

Wow, this guide in right side looks like perfect :)

(Akin Gunel) #90

Big project. Nice.

(Bvmloveme) #91

Very Nice Work! This site has really displayed features of Yii. Can you help me with the tools you used in build this website? I’m new yii framework i have a similar project in mind.

thanks in advance

(Alexander Makarov) #92

All the tools are quite standard. Yii, MySQL, webserver, some of the Amazon AWS infrastructure. If you have particular questions — feel free to ask.

(Josejlm2) #93

Great Site! Love the UI and the idea is awesome!

(Unclere) #94

what was the url for the Project from

(Alexander Makarov) #95

That was another project about hotels booking. It’s closed because of business reasons.

(Boraganesh) #96

nice site…and performance…can u please provide me details of what all technologies u have used along with Yii.

(Alexander Makarov) #97

It’s all very regular: MySQL, PHP on Yii 1.1 (want it bad to upgrade but have no time right now), Apache, nginx as proxy, some light AWS services usage, Redis for cache. I think that’s it on the server side. On the client it’s custom-coded jQuery based UI. TypeScript and LESS are used for it. The rest is how it’s made: everything time consuming is processed in background, UI inteacts with backend via async calls. API is used by mobile apps as well.

(Hikmat30ce) #98

is it open source?

(Alexander Makarov) #99


(Kristankelsch87) #100

Great news…thnx for the update.