Hi everyone,

We recently launched the first version of a new and free online travel service on - all powered by the latest version of Yii Framework :)

Hope you like it!


Pretty nice site!


I think Quiang is involved in this project somehow. Awesome site.

yes, I do!

What about development time?

@menatep: Yes. I’m really glad to say that Qiang Xue (qiang), Wei Zhou (wei), Michael Härtl (mike) and Tobias Munk (schmunk) from the Yii/PRADO community are all a part of our development team and are doing a fantastic job :) In addition we have some user interface people and range of content editors.

@mbi: 3-4 months development time so far depending on how I count (for the whole site including a content management system - also built with Yii). This was after the main site design was ready. Much of the time was also spent on refining content and integration with hotel providers.

We started out with Zend Framework but after the switch to Yii Framework we have never looked back or to the side.

We also utilize Lithron ( - a really cool CSS2 compatible PDF-renderer on top of PDFLib) for rendering your personal travel guide. Lithron is Tobias Munk’s little kiddo :) If you are serious about rendering sophisticated PDF files from PHP I can strongly recommend PDFLib/Lithron.

Even though is very young I think it already is a strong showcase for Yii Framework.

We already contribute back to Yii Framework with bugfixes here and there and will hopefully share some cool extensions later.

When I searched : ho chi minh city . is searching availability… forever !!! ;)

Not so original (there are already many travel sites out there), however it does look good :)

JEEZ, GREAT! THAT’S JUST GREAT! Fast, great design, good implementation of JS features…

10 points of 5 points-rate system :) just got mentioned in a new story on

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Thanks! :)

Thought I’d finally test it. Pretty nice. I imagine this is a type of site that really moves with the economy (more money=more vacations).

BTW, three links on the left side of this page are broken:

Forget the website…what a domain!! Cool job btw :) Everything is done very professional, I like it.

Pretty nice domain . Then you buyed/registered domain ?

Can i ask for what price ?

Website cool as well.

I see many changes since last visit, congratulations :)

New design looks much better.

And we’re back with a total rework of :) (see also: ) is all about delivering a simplified experience around getting ideas about your city vacation and allowing users to create their personal city guides.

We’ve worked hard to create a simplified user interface that works equally good for both experienced and regular users. With just a few clicks you can discover some of the best attractions, restaurants and hotels in some of the most popular cities around the world.

We’ve started out with some of the most popular cities around the world and we’ll work hard to increase the number of cities we will cover.

We also plan to go mobile. That includes both a mobile version of the web experience, with the ability to create and browse your collection of items, and dedicated apps for popular phones like iPhone and Android.

One of the best things with is that it’s an ad-free experience that allows users to create their own personal travel guides. In order to deliver an ad-free service we have created our own hotel booking engine which perfectly sits within the concept. Instead of getting ads from other websites we have created a recommendation engine for hotels so we can recommend you some good deals based on what you’ve added to your guide.

Our enhanced version of even got some nice press coverage recently:

I hope you like the new version :)

Any feedback are welcome!

nice work :) surprisely, but i found city where i’m located right now :) Saint-Petersburg :)

Nice job. Are you going to make it multi-language?

btw., there are some very interesting places in Saint-Petersburg not mentioned anywhere:

Yes, it’s going to be available in more languages.

It’s nice work.

But How can I do like it?

I think documentation is little to learn.


I am check it out,

try to book hotel in my country… and woow! this one is pretty amazing.

this make sure, is the high barometer product of yiiframework.

although the design quite simple(sorry, just my perseption), but the feature is up to date.

i have see many example site of other framework powered,

but never seen something complex like feature(eccept Zend F).

wonder, how much database and table have.

well in about page, they claim over 100.000 record.

the one i really curious is database shcema.