(Tedwebtech) #21

Nice! Do you use ActiveRecord? I have a strong bias against ActiveRecord when using it with large datasets. Prove me wrong :)

(Weizhuo) #22

Yes ActiveRecord is used extensively. Large data set is fine for web page since only a small subset is needed at most times. It does fall over if you need to pull all records at once, e.g. in command line jobs.

(Alexander Makarov) #23


There is a trick: you can use pure SQL to get records and them instantiate AR objects when needed and kill them after they are used. Saves time and memory for console apps.

(Davidhhuan) #24

very nice design, also the function!

Hope that the muli-language will come out early! :rolleyes:

(Jon) #25

Looks great guys, definitely is one of the best looking sites I’ve ever seen, as powered by a popular PHP Framework. Definitely head & shoulders above CakePHP et al

(Tjhaichristian) #26

This is one of those "Holy Shit Idea!" website! Congrats!

(Lanesastubbs) #27

All I can say is WOW!!! I’m very impressed… This is awesome!!!

(Ferry77) #28

Very nice website… I am newbie and very excited to start learning about Yii :)

How did you manage the content for this website? do you build CMS alike admin panel? is it easy to build using Yii?


(Richard) #29

I liked it enough to tell my office about it. Congrats. Did you use Yii technology to import all that content from somewhere?

(Daniel Ngkk) #30


mind to share how much does this site cost you?? :D

(Goodgoods2007) #31

can you tell us what extensions you use to make this kind of classifield ?

(Biz) #32

Hi !

What is average select qty per page?

Any ideas?

(Alexander Makarov) #33

Jay_69 it’s relatively pointless to measure select qty per page. Website can work faster with more selects and vice versa.

(Biz) #34

The question was not about the speed but logic. It’s more relative to the qty of objects per page and qty of requests they produce.

As for the speed I agree one hundred percent one depends on many other reasons.


(Konarski T) #35

Very nice ;)

(Nadirpaganini) #36

Great work :)

Do you use some extension for gmap ?

(Bruce Bussiek) #37

Very nice site indeed. Thanks a lot for sharing some insights.

Btw, did you use any extension for the fb login?

Could you please explain how you accomplished such a seemingless fb integration?

Thanks and best regards, Bruiser

(cuileon) #38

Very Nice! :lol:

(Raysto) #39

Very boss! The site is slick and I tested a few locations like Miami and Chicago and was thoroughly pleased by the user interface experience and overall performance. Let’s get the word out!

(Ivica Nedeljkovic) #40

The site is best representation of Yii possibilities! Very nice site.