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(Traprajith) #161

Hello mohamedbatran,

Please Enable your Apache rewrite module, restart your server. :)

(Traprajith) #162

Hello NikunjPrmr,

Please contact your server admin, because its not application side issue.

(Nikunj Prmr) #163

Thanks Rajith for quick response.I am little bit worried about open connections.As per my understanding our application open and close DB connections.I found that application is only opening the connection and not closing the db connection thats why connection count at db side is increasing.Could you please explain how it is closing the db connections ?

(Nikunj Prmr) #164

Hi Rajith,

One more thing I observed it is not releasing the memory.Server has memory of 4 GB when we send 200 concurrent request to login as Admin in the portal it is consuming whole memory of server.

Could you please share how garbage collection process is working internally ?

(Traprajith) #165

Basically, Yii doesn’t do it automatically - the PHP runtime will identify ended requests and close the connection.

Resources that have no more reference will be detected and free by PHP garbage collector(php gc). So you can assume it is safely closed when a request has ended.

Usually it’s GC job to free the resources(php gc).

One more thing as you know we are using YII framework, everything is there and we are already tested with thousands of users!! Please check your GC.

(Arunmohan) #166

Really nice work. I checked out your new version OS 2.3, loved the UI ! Keep going !

(Aneesh) #167

Excellent Work…Nice user interface.

(Saran) #168

Well Done! Great App!

(Traprajith) #169

Thank you.

(Traprajith) #170

Thank you.

(Traprajith) #171

Thank you.

(Traprajith) #172


[size="6"]Open-School 2.4 Released[/size]

Try here http://tryopenschool.com/

New Features


[*][size="5"]New and Improved translate module.[/size]

[*]New Fee Module with one page fee-setup and invoice management.

[*]Metro UI design with custom colors & themes.

[*]One-click Backup and restore.

[*]Fully featured collaborative Dashboard.

[*]Advanced attendance module with employee leave Management.

[*]Staff/Student rewards and achievements module.

[*]Off-Line mode: Admin can make entire application off-line with one click.

[*]User specific language setting: each user can select their own language from their portal.

[*]Complaints and feedback management module.

[*]Advanced Activity Log with user name and IP based tracking.


(Hleinan) #173

Looks like a great software you have made.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Is there a development forum for this?

  • How to translate this into another language (Norwegian, and I am happy to give the translation back to you)


(Ovais) #174

I am receiving the following error on step 2 of installation of open school

include(mysqli.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory


409 {

410 foreach(self::$_includePaths as $path)

411 {

412 $classFile=$path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$className.’.php’;

413 if(is_file($classFile))

414 {

415 include($classFile);

416 break;

417 }

418 }

419 }

420 else

421 include($className.’.php’);

422 }

423 else // class name with namespace in PHP 5.3

424 {

425 $namespace=str_replace(’\\’,’.’,ltrim($className,’\\’));

426 if(($path=self::getPathOfAlias($namespace))!==false)

427 include($path.’.php’);

428 else

429 return false;

430 }

431 return class_exists($className,false) || interface_exists($className,false);

432 }

433 return true;

Stack Trace


/var/www/html/openschool/core/YiiBase.php(421): YiiBase::autoload()


unknown(0): YiiBase::autoload("mysqli")


/var/www/html/openschool/protected/modules/Install/controllers/DefaultController.php(140): spl_autoload_call("mysqli")

135 $model->attributes=$_POST[‘ConfigForm’];

136 $model->password=$_POST[‘ConfigForm’][‘password’];

137 if($model->validate() === true) {

138 if($model->checkConnection() !== true) {

139 //Attemting To Create The Database

140 $conn = new mysqli($model->host, $model->username, $model->password);

141 $sql = "CREATE DATABASE $model->dbName";

142 if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE) {

143 $flag_db_created = 1;

144 } else {

145 $flag_db_created = 0;


/var/www/html/openschool/core/web/actions/CInlineAction.php(50): DefaultController->actionStep2()


/var/www/html/openschool/core/web/CController.php(300): CInlineAction->runWithParams(array("r" => "Install/default/step2"))


/var/www/html/openschool/core/web/CController.php(278): CController->runAction(CInlineAction)


/var/www/html/openschool/core/web/CController.php(257): CController->runActionWithFilters(CInlineAction, array())


/var/www/html/openschool/core/web/CWebApplication.php(277): CController->run("step2")


/var/www/html/openschool/core/web/CWebApplication.php(136): CWebApplication->runController("Install/default/step2")


/var/www/html/openschool/core/base/CApplication.php(158): CWebApplication->processRequest()


/var/www/html/openschool/install.php(40): CApplication->run()


36 // remove the following line when in production mode

37 defined(‘YII_DEBUG’) or define(‘YII_DEBUG’,true);

38 require_once($yii);


40 Yii::createWebApplication($config)->run();


(Soulconnect2) #175


I tried to go to open-school.org/pricing but server down or domain expired.

One question also, is it possible to register more than one Institution (School or Campus)?

(Traprajith) #176

Sorry for the late reply.

let me know your email id, I will forward the details.

(Traprajith) #177


Our Community edition is built with PHP5.x , so I think PHP7 may cause such errors.

But Our Premium version is compatible with latest PHP.


(Traprajith) #178

yes we have Multi-School version.

Please Contact with our sales team or let me know your email id.

(Traprajith) #179


[size="6"]Open-School 2.5 Released[/size]

Try here http://tryopenschool.com/

(Solaegbedokun) #180

CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1067 Invalid default value for ‘activity_time’. The SQL statement executed was:

– Database: os_important

– Table structure for table activity_feed



initiator_id int(11) NOT NULL,

activity_type int(11) NOT NULL,

goal_id int(11) DEFAULT NULL,

goal_name varchar(120) DEFAULT NULL,

field_name varchar(120) DEFAULT NULL,

initial_field_value varchar(120) DEFAULT NULL,

new_field_value varchar(120) DEFAULT NULL,

activity_time timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’ ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,




324 return $n;

325 }

326 catch(Exception $e)

327 {

328 if($this->_connection->enableProfiling)

329 Yii::endProfile(‘system.db.CDbCommand.execute(’.$this->getText().’)’,‘system.db.CDbCommand.execute’);

330 $errorInfo = $e instanceof PDOException ? $e->errorInfo : null;

331 $message = $e->getMessage();

332 Yii::log(Yii::t(‘yii’,‘CDbCommand::execute() failed: {error}. The SQL statement executed was: {sql}.’,

333 array(’{error}’=>$message, ‘{sql}’=>$this->getText().$par)),CLogger::LEVEL_ERROR,‘system.db.CDbCommand’);

334 if(YII_DEBUG)

335 $message .= '. The SQL statement executed was: '.$this->getText().$par;

336 throw new CDbException(Yii::t(‘yii’,‘CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: {error}’,

337 array(’{error}’=>$message)),(int)$e->getCode(),$errorInfo);

338 }

339 }


341 /**

342 * Executes the SQL statement and returns query result.

343 * This method is for executing an SQL query that returns result set.

344 * @param array $params input parameters (name=>value) for the SQL execution. This is an alternative

345 * to {@link bindParam} and {@link bindValue}. If you have multiple input parameters, passing

346 * them in this way can improve the performance. Note that if you pass parameters in this way,

347 * you cannot bind parameters or values using {@link bindParam} or {@link bindValue}, and vice versa.

348 * binding methods and the input parameters this way can improve the performance.

Stack Trace


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\protected\modules\Install\controllers\DefaultController.php(222): CDbCommand->execute()

217 //create db schema

218 $sql = $this->getSql($this->module->structuresPath);

219 $sqlArr = $this->splitQueries($sql);

220 foreach ($sqlArr as $script) {

221 if (preg_match(’/(CREATE\s+TABLE|DROP\s+TABLE|ALTER\s+TABLE|CREATE\s+VIEW|DROP\s+VIEW)/i’, $script))

222 $result = $connection->createCommand($script)->execute();

223 }


225 //insert example data

226 $dataPath = $this->module->dataPath;

227 if (isset($_POST[‘example’]) === true) {


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\web\actions\CInlineAction.php(50): DefaultController->actionStep3()


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\web\CController.php(300): CInlineAction->runWithParams(array("r" => "Install/default/step3"))


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\web\CController.php(278): CController->runAction(CInlineAction)


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\web\CController.php(257): CController->runActionWithFilters(CInlineAction, array())


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\web\CWebApplication.php(277): CController->run("step3")


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\web\CWebApplication.php(136): CWebApplication->runController("Install/default/step3")


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\core\base\CApplication.php(158): CWebApplication->processRequest()


C:\wamp\www\aquatechschoolmanagement\install.php(40): CApplication->run()


36 // remove the following line when in production mode

37 defined(‘YII_DEBUG’) or define(‘YII_DEBUG’,true);

38 require_once($yii);


40 Yii::createWebApplication($config)->run();