Open-School is an integrated school management system which focuses on excellence and evolution in the field of Education.Developed using YII.

[size="5"]All New Community Edition is released on 22nd November 2013[/size]

Community Edition

Check out Here Open-School .

Try Here (Online Demo) tryopenschool .

Admin Login :- Username : admin Password : admin

Parent Login :- Username : parent Password : parent

Student Login :- Username : student Password : student

Teacher Login :- Username : teacher Password : teacher

[size="4"]Open-School Moved to Github

14th July 2014[/size]

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We also offer our Community Edition for free - a good way for you to get to know Open-School.

Requires PHP, a web server and a database

Download Open-School Community Edition for Free

Open-School Community Edition is a good way for Developers to get to know Open-School

Community Edition

And reply us the feedbacks.

I went to the free trial page -

  • clicked on Admin Login -> Login,

  • entered wrong credentials like (demo - demo),

  • got the page Error 403, you are not authorized to perform this action

And now I cannot do anything, the error page does not give me any action like log out or log in with the right credentials…

Moreover, if i go again to the free trial page and regardless of where I click (admin / parent / student) login, I always get the same error page -> no login page anymore.

Also for production it’s good to restrict diretory listings -

thanks Maurizio Domba for the suggestions .

pls go through this link

My link

the login is ok now .

congrats and wonderful works . and thanks for make it as an downable one :lol:

Nice Work Rajith…

+1 for this.


Thank u :slight_smile:

Thank u kiran :)

thanks :)

Looks good!

Are there modules included in the community versionor are they just paid?

thanks :)

six basic modules are included in the community edition.

Just download it and try SapporoGuy :)

Thanks! I’ll do that.

What is the license on this?

its not needed for community edition. ignore it, just go through next steps…

great !!works!!

I got it installed.

Looks really nice, still some rough spots though.

Is it GPL?

Its Awesome…


awesome work!!

It looks absolutely great! :)

However, my only complaint/inquiry is:

Why the name "Open School" ?

What is ‘open’ about it?

Open is normally associated with libre projects.

But that’s a small nitpick. I still think it’s misleading, though. ;)