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(Traprajith) #121

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(Gingergait06) #122

Hi Rajith,

Awesome work with this application.

Needed some help, i downloaded the community edition build 2.2 but while installing after step 3 i get a blank page. I assume that the problem is not with the application as i can see that lots of people have had successful installation.

Here are the screenshot. What could be the possible cause of this.5585


(Traprajith) #123

I think its related to your server’s maximum execution time.

(Leandro Anthonioz) #124

Hi Rajith,

Congrats for your work. I’m very impressed with the Open-School UI.

I’m working on a Yii project which needs new UI designers (project is at https://app.wakedocuments.com)

Do you have in-house designers or you use freelance UI designers?

In any case, can you please send to me their contact information to check if we could work together in our project (at UI level)?

Thank you,


(Traprajith) #125

Thank you very much Leandro :) :) :)

(Tanuja1990) #126

Cool!! :)

(Traprajith) #127

Thank you.

(Traprajith) #128

[size="6"][b]Open-School Moved to Github


(Chottomtaki) #129

Hi Rajith,

Congrats for your work. I’m very impressed with your work maily on your approach of developing in module bases,one question to you,i have seen your have well manage security based on users access,ie every user can access only what he/she have permision on it,i want to use the same senario on my project but i don know how i can go about it,On my side i used to empliment group role based authentication,but this approach give access to all user belong to that group.Please can you assist me on how you go about this in you project or is there extension which can assist me to handle this??

(Nenad Z) #130

Hello Rajith.

Is this project built using yii 1 or yii 2 ? And how much time you needed to get it done ? It looks really nice. GZ

(Traprajith) #131

Hi mtaki,

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I am using yii user + rights for the user management , authentication and authorization .

Use it, its easy to implement .


(Traprajith) #132

HI Nenad Zivkovic

Thank you :) :)

open-school is built with yii 1.x.x . As you know yii2 is not ready for mass implementation.

(Chottomtaki) #133

Thanks for your assistance i real appriciate

(Traprajith) #134

welcome :) :)

(Rohisuthar) #135

Awesome work bro…

Thanks for your patience and sharing the knowledge. it’s really cool and nice script.

(Traprajith) #136

Thank you … Thank you very much :) :)

(Rohisuthar) #137

Your welcome sir… nice to see you :)

(Traprajith) #138


(ulik.kg@gmail.com) #139

Hi Rajith,

What is the difference between CE and commercial edition. Can I use community edition freely forever with all features as commercial?



(Traprajith) #140

Hi Ulik,

Community Edition is feature limited . it has only 5 major modules, but our premium version is with 20+ modules. you can see our online public demo at tryopenschool.com