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(Traprajith) #101

Glad News

[size=“5”]All New Community Edition Is Released [/size] ::) ::) ::)

Thanks & Regards - matt,mgk,arun,laijesh,sajith,anupama,tanuja & mariya

You Can download it from here

Community Edition

(Traprajith) #102

Try This version.

This is a major update.

(Subrahmanyam Bandreddi) #103

Hi Rajith,

Firstly thanks & congrats for making a wonderful school management software.

I would like to use community edition for school that i know.

can i use & extend this software?

please tell me what are limitations of using code.

(Jawahar P) #104


I have tried installing Open-school. I have Apache 2.2 version installed and PHP 5.3.328 installed. Php is configured in the web server. I have copied yii and open-school in the htdocs folder of the webserver. I was able to install yii from the command prompt. When i tried to install the open-school the first page opened successfully. when i click on the start button nothing happened.

Can you please tell me what can be the reason.

Thanks in advance.

(Logicallimit) #105

Hi, I have downloaded opensource version and trying to install it. There comes a screen where "Open-School Installation Serial No. " and email id is to be entered. Serial number field is autopopulated with XXXXX characters. I want to know is it annual license serial number or what? Will application keep working lifetime?

Further, can I customize it and deploy it for our clients? Can we change logo, give application a different name, change theme and What should i keep in mind while customizing and deploying to avoid any copyright violation.

(Armanalir) #106


an excellent works…

and thanks for downable version.


(Traprajith) #107

Thank you very much :)


You are talking about online examination. We will customize that feature according to each user’s requirements.

Thank you. :)

(Traprajith) #108

Thank you.

contact us via skype : chat.os

(Traprajith) #109

hi jawahar.p

I didnt get you. is it solved?

(Traprajith) #110

Thank you.

Its a free version. You can use it lifetime.

(Traprajith) #111

Glad News

[size=“5”]All New Community Edition Is Released [/size] ::) ::) ::)

Thanks & Regards - matt,mgk,arun,laijesh,sajith,anupama,tanuja,sherin & mariya

You Can download it from here

Community Edition

(Agustinpetruccelli) #112

Hi, Rajith

Im tryng to install the community version and after I complete the mysql data, this is what I get:

PHP Error

include(PDO.php) [<a href=‘function.include’>function.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory


409 {

410 foreach(self::$_includePaths as $path)

411 {

412 $classFile=$path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$className.’.php’;

413 if(is_file($classFile))

414 {

415 include($classFile);

416 break;

417 }

418 }

419 }

420 else

421 include($className.’.php’);

422 }

423 else // class name with namespace in PHP 5.3

424 {

425 $namespace=str_replace(’\\’,’.’,ltrim($className,’\\’));

426 if(($path=self::getPathOfAlias($namespace))!==false)

427 include($path.’.php’);

428 else

429 return false;

430 }

431 return class_exists($className,false) || interface_exists($className,false);

432 }

433 return true;

Stack Trace


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/YiiBase.php(421): YiiBase::autoload()


unknown(0): YiiBase::autoload("PDO")


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/db/CDbConnection.php(404): spl_autoload_call("PDO")


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/db/CDbConnection.php(356): CDbConnection->createPdoInstance()


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/db/CDbConnection.php(313): CDbConnection->open()


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/base/CComponent.php(153): CDbConnection->setActive(true)


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/protected/modules/Install/models/ConfigForm.php(82): CComponent->__set("active", true)

77 public function checkConnection() {

78 $valid = true;

79 try {

80 $dsn = "mysql:host={$this->host};port={$this->port};dbname={$this->dbName}";

81 $connection=new CDbConnection($dsn, $this->username, $this->password);

82 $connection->active=true;

83 } catch (Exception $e){

84 $valid = false;

85 }


87 return $valid;


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/protected/modules/Install/controllers/DefaultController.php(138): ConfigForm->checkConnection()

133 $model=new ConfigForm();

134 if(isset($_POST[‘ConfigForm’]) === true) {

135 $model->attributes=$_POST[‘ConfigForm’];

136 $model->password=$_POST[‘ConfigForm’][‘password’];

137 if($model->validate() === true) {

138 if($model->checkConnection() !== true) {

139 //Attemting To Create The Database

140 @mysql_connect("$model->host","$model->username","$model->password");

141 if (mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE $model->dbName"))

142 $flag_db_created = 1;

143 else{


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/web/actions/CInlineAction.php(50): DefaultController->actionStep2()


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/web/CController.php(300): CInlineAction->runWithParams(array("r" => "Install/default/step2"))


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/web/CController.php(278): CController->runAction(CInlineAction)


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/web/CController.php(257): CController->runActionWithFilters(CInlineAction, array())


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/web/CWebApplication.php(277): CController->run("step2")


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/web/CWebApplication.php(136): CWebApplication->runController("Install/default/step2")


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/core/base/CApplication.php(158): CWebApplication->processRequest()


/home/desarrol/public_html/FD/osv/install.php(40): CApplication->run()


36 // remove the following line when in production mode

37 defined(‘YII_DEBUG’) or define(‘YII_DEBUG’,true);

38 require_once($yii);


40 Yii::createWebApplication($config)->run();

2014-01-02 23:58:48 Apache Yii Framework/1.1.8

What I should do to fix this? its a server problem?

Thank you for all your work.


(Traprajith) #113

over 2500 people installed this version successfully. Delete the database created . and try again.


comment the line 141 if (mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE $model->dbName")) and manually create a db and enter that db name, user and password at the time of installation.

Reply me.

(Agustinpetruccelli) #114

Hi Rajith, thank you for your quick answer.

I tried what you said, but still fail. it show the same error.

I tried to install it on a different server and everything was fine with the installation. However, if I try to login there is nothing, just a grey background.

link: http: // fdsystem.comze.com/index.php?r=user/login

Thanks 4 all

(Agustinpetruccelli) #115

Forget it, it´s solved.

(Traprajith) #116

ok Thank you. :)

(Jcabrerav) #117

hi rajith, I would like you to help me with a problem that I have, I make the issue of employee assistance identical to yours think you could advise me with that part of care is a problem that my project depends on whether or not marche

(Traprajith) #118


What is the issue?

(Traprajith) #119

upgraded/re installed php ? right?

(Technik) #120

Hello Rajith,

we tried the community version, and are now interested to get a license.

(and further modifications!)

Unfortunately, nobody answers the submissions sent via contact form.

Any chances to get in touch with you without skype?