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(Traprajith) #61

thank you :) :)

yes the source is open. but not free.

(Traprajith) #62

thank you :)

(Traprajith) #63

pls install php_curl and restart your server

(Traprajith) #64

yes… its admin/admin

(Traprajith) #65

thank you

it take 12 months with 2 designers and 3 developers.

(Traprajith) #66


there is no studentportal in community edition!! sorry!!

(Traprajith) #67

thanks for the review . will change!

(Traprajith) #68

thank you :) :) :)

we used yii module cal

search is based on 3 major tables!!

yes we are making it downloadable as pdf!!

(R Alfarizy) #69

how to install open-school on my pc ??

(Traprajith) #70

you mean the community edition?

(Traprajith) #71

Student portal

(Traprajith) #72

Parent Portal

(Traprajith) #73

Teachers Portal

(R Alfarizy) #74

yes, my operating system is linux, idont know how to install open school

(Traprajith) #75

download xamp and install it


put extracted open-school in the web folder

take it in the web-browser , the installation will start automatically .

(subysmile@gmail.com) #76

nice work really awsome

(Traprajith) #77

Thank you

(R Alfarizy) #78



i have had webserver, i have tried take it in the webbrowser and did not happen

(R Dris) #79

I’m having the same issue. Did you resolve yours, if So how?? Thanks.

(Fwunix) #80

Excellent work man!

This really show how powerful is Yii.

Nice design too.