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(Gaurishpatil) #41

excellent work…

(Traprajith) #42

yeah…its for single school…yes we can use it for primary school, college, etc

(Traprajith) #43

thank u :slight_smile:

(Traprajith) #44

just download and extract it to your amp/www (or to any server) , take the url and follow the steps…simple

(Shivcharan Panjeta) #45

Good Job !!

(Niko Synth16) #46

Well Done! Great App!

However i can’t manage to access parent portal in a free edition - app!

If anyone here who could give some hint how to manage parent portal!

It will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Great work for the developers of this App!

(Traprajith) #47

thank you :)

(Traprajith) #48

thank u :)

sorry… there is no parentportal in the free edition !!

(Pinjoseph123) #49

My apache server all working i added files to www folder but nothing comes up in my localhost. but when i delete the HTACCESS file installation comes up but with this error

Installation Error

Please Enable Curl For Continuing Open-School Installation


  1. Navigate to path\to\php\(your version of php)\

  2. edit php.ini

  3. Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll

  4. Navigate to path\to\apache\(your version of apache)\bin\

  5. edit php.ini

  6. Search for curl, uncomment extension=php_curl.dll

  7. Save both

Restart Apache

please tell me how to solve it

(Traprajith) #50

extract it to your server’s web folder, take it in the browser, then installation will go on …

(Traprajith) #51

enable the CURL .

(Santoshsahani Slg) #52

Hi Ehsan Bahrami,

Could you please share how you resolved the php_curl.dll issue.


Santosh Sahani

(Plan889) #53

Good Work man .

(Plan889) #54

I think you should change that school setup icon in general settings

(Waterloomatt) #55

The credentials for admin are incorrect. Should be admin/admin not admin/admin123.


(Trond) #56

I find this project, well organized and beautifully designed.

Well done!

Can you say something about how you have been running this project?

Like how long did it take to develop, and how many developers are working on it?



(Codesutras) #57

Many Congrats to you man. its a fabulous looks and feel for this application.Specially i like Calender section ;)… Which plugin or extension you have used to create this event calender ?

Also the searching from header section is Global search or based on any specific table. ??

Are you using zend lucene search for this ??

Also reports section is very good.Uses of heightcharts plugin was your decision.:) But my question is are this reports are also downloadable in pdf formats with charts ? is it available in any edition of this application.

In the last great job man :)

(Douamad) #58

Hi I whant now if there is a student portal in the community edition, and what is the default loggin and password for student

(Roceller2002) #59

Great design work. How many people worked on it? How long did it take to finish?

Also, why is it called open-school? Is this software Open source and free?

(Traprajith) #60

thank you.

yes we can configure it to multi-school mode