Comparing Yii on Google Trends with other frameworks

I was playing with Google Trends on the weekend and was very pleased and a little surprised to see Yii overtake CakePHP and Symfony in 2012. Yii is the youngest of the bunch and it is very nice to see it doing so well. It looks like CodeIgniter and Yii are on a similar trend.

I compared cakephp, codeigniter, yii, symfony,codeigniter,yii,symfony&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0

I excluded Zend Framework as I was not sure what would be the best search phrase to use. If you include just the word Zend it comes above all the others.

I understand this is a very superficial evaluation of popularity and does not take into account any merit or quality, but I still think its worth taking note of.

Thanks for the info …no doubt the Yii progression will continue this way … up to the top !

Other intresting info I discovered on this report is that apparently Yii would be a Nintendo registred trademark in Japan ! ;D



The trend looks different if you search for yii framework instead of yii.

I think most people search using just yii, and the the graph starts at more or less the same point the first version of yii was released.

I found it interesting if you add symfony2. I dont know the symfony community very well but it looks like version one and two have their own websites.

As a newbie to Yii this kind of thing is quite encouraging - even if it is not ‘hard data’. It’s probably a safe bet if you could graph community involvement and development it would have a similar look so it let’s me know that I have chosen a framework where I can get help if I need it and learn by seeing what others are doing.

And if I see a way with my modest skillset I will do what I can to contribute (even if it is just reporting a bug).

…so how do we convert people away from CI, Symfony, Zend etc to the Yii cause?


For me Yii is the way to simplicity, i dont know a lot from other framework but with

seeing big project using Yii i think the popularity of Yii will increase more and more.

THx to the Yii community to this.

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You are right - so to be "fair", one should add framework to all the searches?!

Guess who the winner is.

On the other hand, one could argue that people add ‘framework’ to narrow down the search for yii.

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another infographic about php frameworks:

seems really good for yii develepors, but still not so much job offers, i hope it will change very soon.

Here is PHPixie comparing itself with some other frameworks. The graph showing where startup time is spent looks interesting to learn from. Nor symfony nor codeigniter are in the list at this time.

Yii’s defaults are not for speed, so the comparison is probably not fair (comparisons never are), but still Yii is at the top of the list besides the other few frameworks.

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Thanks, nice comparisons. Love how light and simple YII is. would be nice to have a better way to extend YII, usually you can’t use two different extensions covering diferent functionality augmentation in the same component (like AR) without mixing both extensions by hand.

Yii’s registered userbase has doubled in 11 months.

In September 2012 there were about 80 000 registered users - now there is over 160 000 registered users.

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I am reluctant to read anything into the number of registered users. A lot of spambots seem to have discovered this site <_<

Thanks. Very nice and encouraging.

Please Add a CMS term(wordpress/joomla/drupal) to the above Google Trends and check the results…why the CMS are that much popular when compared to frameworks?

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That’s expected since entry level skill requirements are lower for CMS.

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I will not agree with this statement completely…for ex if you consider a cms like drupal,it will teach a lot of new concepts to beginners like "taxonomy,node,module,block,cck,ContentType,teaser,roles,hooks,cron,route,themes…"

The developer should definitely learn all these concepts first,then only he can customise the drupal code.I guess the learning curve is more with drupal 8 Bcos the brand new symfony 2 concepts(yaml,composer,doctrine,orm,twig,responsive…)

and importantly most of these terms are NOT visible in other cms like Joomla/wordpress.

I just got a notification on this topic, but I guess that the post triggering it has been deleted.

Anyway, it’s a great time to check this comparison again - it does not look good for Yii:

Trending for cakephp, codigniter, yii and symfony:,codeigniter,yii,symfony

Same trend with framework keyword added:,codeigniter%20framework,yii%20framework,symfony%20framework

Yii is back down to the levels of october 2010 and it has had its peak in july 2013.

Symfony’s downhill lastest only for about a year - it has been essentially been going up since januarry 2013.

In my case, the fact that there is no (seamingly) easy upgrade path from Yii1 to Yii2 has made me put off upgrading a big web application to Yii2.

Given the popularity of Symphony both globally and locally, I am even considering “upgrading” to Symphony - the workforce knowing Symphony is bigger; it’s not only a technical consideration.

Symfony is definitely popular in France since it was created and first advertised there so it could be a good move for the project if you prefer office developers to remote ones.

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The google trends page also has an indication of popularity by country if you descend on the page.

You can see that the countries where the framework is most popular are in or around Russia with an exception for Venezuela which is probably not relevant.

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Correct. Since I’m from Russia, I’ve visited many conferences talking about Yii, what is it for etc. That’s why it’s known there and used a lot in all kinds of projects: government, banking, TV etc. etc.

Most of the frameworks currently available such as Yii, Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP are totally OK for majority of projects. Each has its pros, cons and style. As for developers, from my experience, best developers typically know more than a single framework and could easily learn another one.

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