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Best PHP tools

(Jjhayesiii) #61

For me, Dreamweaver is better as a designers tool - formatting, views…etc, and Netbeans is far superior as an actual development environment - coding, debugging, refactoring…etc.

(Kamarul Ismail) #62

Since i started using Yii Framework, NetBeans IDE seem to be the best editor/tools for me. :D

(Chanh Ong) #63

For light edit use notepad++ for heavy duty edit use Netbean 7.0

Netbean 7.0 is so much faster any previous version.

(Gevik) #64

NetBeans 7.0 is great. The best thing about it the extensibility with which one can develop plug-ins and modules.

(Michaeljoerd) #65

Aptana with PHP, Notepad++

(Simi4a) #66

I am currently NetBeans user, but I noticed some really stupid issues.

  1. Using undo (Ctrl+Z) and Save -> you lose Redo function (Ctrl+Y). This is known issue for Netbeans developers and I can’t see some change in ver 7.

  2. Debugger is little buggy :D - Watches and balloon evaluation checkbox still not usable.

  3. I work on 7 Yii projects, opened at same time (in one work space for example). Starting Netbeans takes over a minute to check the code.

  4. Auto complete always is supported by "Please wait…" lag and its just slow

My laptop is with C2D processor with 3g ram and I don’t think the problem is the computer. For example, phpED don’t need better hardware to be much more faster than Netbeans. ;)

So, Netbeans is cool, especially for free IDE, but the best… it’s far away.

(Diavolonok) #67

I like Zend Studio 8, got one after zend certification “for free” ::)

But it is sometimes drive my crazy… it indexing so slow… don’t know if this is my laptop or the IDE bugs…

and ZS hate hate hate javascript :lol:

Sometimes doing ctrl+c ctrl+v can take half minute of waaaaaaaating… :blink: in that moments I want to break my laptop :lol:

(Aigars Muiznieks) #68

I use FirePHP and Firebug

(Arvids Godjuks) #69

PHPStorm for coding, sure the best IDE for WEB out there. Indexing is just, well, light speed (especially 3.0.x), not to mention it deals with HTML, PHP and JavaScript mix in views with ease - has a few very minor caveats, but only in some complex cases (NetBeans goes crazy marking the whole file as a one big mistake for most of my views in all 8 projects :D :wacko:). Yes, it costs money, but the price is really a piece a cake to buy, and they have 50% discounts almost every 3-4 months related to holidays - got mine for 48 Euros :)

Notepad++ for fast editing and other text related operations (damn, extensions make it a Swiss knife :), only the RegEx replace is a little strange).

(Thebillek) #70

I dont like big IDEs, now i use sublime text editor

(Jacobmatthew123) #71


Currently eAccelerator is the best PHP tools.

Thanks & Regards,


(Fant Geass) #72

I’m using PHPStorm IDE. The main thing is to take the time to set up this wealth.

(Mikael Chojnacki) #73

Used to use phpDesigner, then Netbeans, and now using PHPStorm, awesome tool and the templates and autocomplete features are so much better than anything I’ve ever seen. Also it’s focused on PHP and constantly updated to incorporate the latest additions in PHP :)

(Mahesh Chalke2002) #74

I use codeLobster it have good features for YII and good auto-complete.

(Jerryablan) #75

By far, the best IDE is PhpStorm from JetBrains.com. Save your allowance and buy a copy. You will be glad you did.

If you have an open source project, they will give you a free copy.

(Thexesyproject) #76

Love Coda, but also on a mac. Much prefer Notepad++ for the simple stuff I do.

(Carlwison55l) #77

i like Netbeans, it is great

(Hehbhehb) #78

I use sourceinsight(SI), anyone like me? :rolleyes:

I fell comfortable to edit source code with it just except one thing, it does not support UTF8!

Maybe i should try Netbean.

(Mubashar Na K) #79

codelobster or netbeans.

(Sarunta) #80

I like Netbeans.