Best PHP tools


I would like to ask you, what software are you using for developing with PHP, especially debugging PHP scripts?

I am using phpED. It has debugger feature, but it is quiet poor.

Do you have any suggestions, about good debugger? or you can offer some other good tools for PHP developer? :)


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Answer is short in my case. PHP Designer had been my tool of choice until I heard about Netbeans. Its the most complete IDE I have seen and its free.

Currently NetBeans.

Look at this topic

I can say that I pretty much tryed out all PHP IDEs out there, free ones (Aptana with PHP, Notepad++, etc) and payed ones (the ones i could find a crack for xD including Windows and Mac ones, such as PHP Designer/E-texteditor and Textmate,etc).

And the best I found thus far is Netbeans, hands down the best one.

For me, a nice coding environment right now is, Netbeans + nice cold afternoon in my confortable room + can of Redbull (so i dont fall asleep) + Yii + Doctrine + Compass.

Only thing that beats that is not having to work at all xD

I started with Notepad++.

Then moved to Eclipse.

Now I use NetBeans - and love it :rolleyes:

I din’t know about Doctrine. I am seeing that is as ORM mapper. I don’t understand, why are you using doctrine together with Yii? (Active Record is an ORM)

Komodo IDE, the one and only. Switched to it from Aptana

Eclipse and Netbeans are great for PHP.

For debugging, write tests! Seriously.

Best PHP IDE for me is NetBeans – which is also great for Ruby, Java and Python.

NB’s integration of xdebug is great with Yii. If you want to examine how and when things are done, then step through Yii’s code with appropriate breakpoints. Just include Yii’s framework in your project’s include path.

rickgrana, That’s interesting for me too… to know why do you use Doctrine? I think ORM in Yii is quite good realized. If it is just a habit I understand, if not, cound you please point what is so attractive in Doctrine? :) Thanks in advance…

In support of NetBeans… big, big plus.

Worked in PHP Expert Editor before… If I need just to view a PHP file, I use PHP Expert Editor, but if I work at a project… NetBeans the best decision! ;)


… and Intype for small/fast changes ;)

Quick and dirty: +1 for gvim.

On Linux, NetBeans was great to use. On Mac, NetBeans is OK, but TextMate and Coda seem even better, because they are native programs (not Java) and thus seem faster. Especially TexMate is great, although it has no live FTP editing support.

Heh, heh, you drank the Java can’t be as fast as “native” KoolAid. Welcome to the 1990s. Gen up on HotSpot and JIT. Java, heck Ruby under JRuby, can be faster than “native”. I run most Rails stuff under the glassfish gem on JRuby. Uber fast!

Also, vim has an excellent replicate-textmate plug-in, snipMate. Who needs a Mac?

Heh, heh, you use ftp too. I used to love archie and gopher… back in the 80s :)

Of course, i use vim 7.2 and the exuberant ctags for developing my Applications.

Just run ctags -R . and you can jump around every function of yii or your own application by :tag <classname>.

No need for such big Applications like Netbeans or anything else…

i use Coda but then again i’m on mac :)


i personally use Aptana PHP, but Netbeans has more to offer when it comes to auto complete feature.

right now using Eclipse + Aptana