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Best PHP tools

(Asesordeprogramacion) #21

Netbeans, import folder "<yii folder>/framework" y code complete do your magic jeje.

(mbi) #22

finally I switched to NetBeans

(Y!!) #23

Currently switching from Dreamweaver to PHPDesigner.

(Schanz15) #24

I use the debian mcedit editor (console based)…

(Piotr Komorek) #25

NetBeans is great for Yii development!

(Alexander Makarov) #26

Trying Web IDE for several months already. It’s still in EAP state but is pretty stable. What I can say… I don’t want to go back to NetBeans. It’s faster and smarter.

Another good thing is that developers are implementing most of feature requests and closing bugs really fast. So we have a change to get IDE of our dreams by testing it and filling issues and feature requests.

This issue should be interesting http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-322 and it will be much more interesting if Yii community members will add some comments about what is required to actually support Yii framework.

(Piotr Komorek) #27

Web IDE looks very nice. I’ll wait for a stable 1.0 release and try this tool.

Thx samdark!

(Kholghi67) #28

i’m using eclipse + aptana plugin + firefox ( fire bug + fire php + web developer toolbar)

(Skyblaze) #29

Wow i didn’t know it. I’m evaluating it but it seems great!! The only bad thing is that it isn’t open source as netbeans. Anyway i commented on the yii topic/issue to add yii support to the ide ;)

(Paleapple) #30

PDT is my favourite ::)

(Dragos) #31

I find all editors very very slow for big projects (10k+ files).

the only one that works great for me is PHP Editor from WaterProof

(Konstantin Mirin) #32

Netbeans is great! Here’s my review about using it.

(Danny Adagroup) #33

Zend Studio 7.1 is the next generation of professional-grade PHP IDE

Download Zend Studio

(Jk Panueracruz) #34

I prefer NetBeans its good

(Maurizio Domba Cerin) #35

I too use ZendStudio (at home on windows, at job on openSuse) for projects… for fast file editing I use ultraedit…

(I) #36

Eclipse or zend studio

(Garry3peace) #37

currently using gEdit in my Linux

gEdit with some plugins can become a very lightweight and powerful editor… :D

(Gevik) #38

I personally would go for NetBeans IDE. It is very extensible and complete for PHP development.

(Alexander Makarov) #39


Latest NetBeans release causes a lot of problems with CPU and memory consumption. 6.8 and 6.9 RC are good.

Have you tried PhpStorm?

(Gevik) #40

Wow, I did not know about the PhpStorm. Thank you for the tip. I am going to see whether It can handle Ext4Yii template code completion.