Best PHP tools

(Richard Mestetsky) #81

Right now, I’m using gvim; but NetBeans sounds like a consensus.

(Mj Atari) #82

[size="4"][font="Arial Black"]NetBeans[/font][/size]

Best IDE but:

  • No PHP Doc generation

  • No JavaScript support

[size="4"][font="Arial Black"]WaterProof PHPEdit 5.0.x.x[/font][/size]

Best, Supports JavaScript, PHP Doc generation, great options for snippets… Love it but:

  • Too much Complex

[size="4"][font="Arial Black"]Adobe Dreamweaver CC[/font][/size]

Just PHP Editor with Nice JavaScript Support, good so far but:

  • No PHP Doc generation

  • Static Type Hinting

(Samiulbca) #83

rocking netBean

(Manish) #84

You can use Net Beans IDE that is best debugging tool suit.

( #85


(Dragan Zivkovic Ts) #86

Currently using PhpStorm 8.0.1, used NetBeans but PhpStorm is much more helpful

(Kai Uwe Pel) #87

I am still using NetBeans IDE.

In the past, I have used NuSphere and PhpStorm as well.

(Basically NuSphere PhpED is pretty very good, but it sucks with support)


Kai Uwe Pel

(NRobert) #89

I am using VIM.

(Steven Brown) #91

Friend VIM is good? I’m using PhpStorm

(Fabrizio Caldarelli) #92

I use Atom or VSCode

(NRobert) #93

yes, it is awesome.
as i remember, it was a pain to learn to use it but now i can’t imagine i use anything else. :slight_smile:

(ViolaArnold) #94

I have to be honest. I was fervently against downloading and using VS Code for a long time until I gave it a chance a few days ago for an Atom replacement, basic text editing when I don’t want to use vim, and right “out of the box” it’s pretty damn slick. I mean, I’m still going to use PHP for PHP projects but it’s pretty damn nice.