Zii, Yii And Oii Among Trademarks Filed By Nintendo

Just for your information:


There are basically two possibilities. Either these names are real potential product names or Nintendo just wants to keep them in the bank for a rainy day so no one else can come out with something that sounds suspiciously like the Wii. As Engadget points out, wanting to protect the Zii name hasn’t stopped Creative from producing a line of Zii phones thus far, but with this new trademark on the books there could be a problem brewing between the two companies.

Personally, I can’t imagine a scenario where Nintendo would want to name a product “Oii,” particularly if it’s pronounced “oi.” Such a move would open the doors to a great holiday season launch campaign, however, so if next December you see Nintendo’s new Wii HD system launching with The Vandals’ “Oi to the World!” in its commericals, you heard it predicted here first.


Yii Framework and Nintendo are in different markets so this shouldn’t be a problem.

However it could be annoying if searching for “Yii” or “Zii” you’ll find Nintendo before Yii Framework, it doesn’t help the brand achievement.

I also think Yii should choose a strong brand, sometimes it is referred (on this site too) as "Yii" or "Yii Framework" or "Yii PHP Framework", you should precisely define the brand and use it everywhere.