This project was created as an alternative to zii, official extensions repository. All stable extensions here are compatible with latest release version of Yii.


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Hey, excellent extensions. Superb. Congratulations.

Thanks! Great collection. I hope it will be always up-to-date =)

Merci, bonne continuation!

Hi there,

I’ve just created a github mirror for yiiext, because I wanted yiiext as a submodule.


Clone with the yiiext folder as trunk (needed for submodule)

git svn clone -Ttrunk/app/extensions/yiiext http://yiiext.googlecode.com/svn yiiext

This command should checkout the complete svn repo, you should be able to svn dcommit from here, in case there are updated from git

Make sure you’ve created your project firtst, then you can add its URL as an origin.

git remote add origin git@github.com:schmunk42/yiiext.git

Push the code to github

git push origin master

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I’ve planned to move this repo to github but haven’t done it yet. Did you saved commit history?

Hi samdark,

sure, I did ;)

You can use the commands above to import it to your local machine and push it to github.

You can push and pull to git and also commit (dcommit) and update (rebase) to subversion from there.

Please note: A git repository allows no partial checkouts like subversion does, therefore I’ve imported only the yiiext/ subfolder as an own repo, not your complete svn.

But you can work around this gltich by creating, i.e. a yiiext-app repo and include the code in extensions/yiiext/ also as a submodule. But submodules act as a normal git repo within your parent project.

Please let me know if you have other thoughts or an alternative for this problem.

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Looks like we have to separate it to multiple git repositories and yiiext itself will consist of subrepositories and some general extension-development tools.

Would be cool if you could drop a post here, when yiiext is available on github.

I would be glad to include your yiiext github repo.

And I haven’t tried subrepos in subrepos, yet.

One more thing: github Subversion write support

yiiext is in the process of migration to github. I’ve temporary removed all committers.

Nice work.

Yii Wiki: how to use github (un)official extension repo in your Yii project

We’ve finally migrated to github and now have a website prototype:


Website is finished: http://yiiext.github.com/ B)

You’ll find all yiiext extensions with downloads, readme in russian and english.

Issue tracker is on github for every single repository and is linked from the website.

Technical Background:

The Website is built by a yii application that creates the github pages with data from the github api every night ran by a jenkins-ci server.

I didn’t get it: so http://yiiext.github.com/ is a yii repository site that concentrates all Yii extensions that are managed on github?

I’m asking since the site shows only 53 extensions while AFAIK there are hundreds already.

(This isn’t intended to look down on the effort and the initiative - on the contrary! I just want to understand it better. I was actually looking for a site that concentrates info about Yii extensions with a useful UI. http://drupalmodules.com/ is a good example, for the Drupal world).


No, it’s not.

It’s a project managed by a talented team of developers.

It’s by far the only extensions there is.

Use the extension repository from Yiiframework.com (Download - Extensions) if you want the full list of all extensions.

Yiiext is recommended, though.

Very nice work!

Hi Samdark

The website is throwing this error: “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/yiiext.github.com/app/components/YiiextGithubApi.php on line 72” :(