Sorry guys, I know about that error, will try to fix it soon. Github changed their API so we have to adjust the code that generates the website.



Here are my new extension to support the new twitter api Matt Harris bit.ly/QWfL4A

Good to see so muck life around Yii :)


Is the YiiExt still being maintained?

There does not seem to much activity there lately.

Sure but depends on the extension. Some are actively maintained, some not.

Feel free to send Pull requests on github if there is anything needed to be fixed or feature to be added.


Thank you Alexander Makarov aka (SamDark) for this work!

First of all: Good Work !

Second would be: could anybody point directions to coding conventions in Yii-Extension (Widgets), please?

Im working on one currently and I’d like to make it an “Official” extension someday.




I found this: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/38-guideline/

  • is this current state, still?

There are no official extensions for 1.1. YiiExt is non official as well.


Try to see me as new, although I have already three years working with the Framework.

How could I do to raise some extensions that I made.

Also what format or minimal documentation is required to accompany these.