Yiiclipse - Eclipse PDT extension for Yii Framework

Hi all,

Let me introduce Yiiclipse - new eclipse plugin for yii developers. After almost one year I have developed it I found some time to put this together and give to the public.

When I was started working with yii framework and eclipse the most lacking feature was navigation. Now when Yiiclipse is here you can navigate using eclipse hyperlinks (Ctrl + mouse hover) between actions and views, views and another views, widgets and its views, and many more.

Besides that with 1.0.0 version Yiiclipse comes with handy "New Yii Project" wizard for setup new yii application with downloading chosen version of yii framework.

More information (with screenshots) are available under Yiiclipse home page

Update Site: http://maziarz.org/yiiclipse/

Hopefully you found Yiiclipse helpful and look forward new releases ;).

Any feedback is welcome.

Greate Job! Thanks :)

Navigation part is really something.

Very nice plugin that indeeds power up navigation !

As an Eclipse user I say : Thanks KEoooooo !!


Is this one stable enough to put it as news at the front page?


Netbeans killer?

Just a question… while Netbeans has an "official" PHP version, for Eclipse there are some different PHP plugins… what PHP plugin do you recommend for Eclipse?


Edit: Just seen the “Eclipse PDT extension” :D[/i]

Yes, PDT is the best extension for eclipse for PHP development.

Man, this is really cool, thank you a lot for your efforts. I’ve been using Eclipse as my IDE for a long time now, and I wish this was with me during that time.

From now on I am however settling on using PhpStorm or rather IntelliJ IDEA (since I do other development than PHP as well), and the most awesome thing is if you could make a plugin like this for Yii and IDEA as well! :D There have been some requests to make PhpStorm/IDEA more aware of Yii, and I can only second that.

IDEA is the most kick-ass IDE I have ever come across, and I highly recommend anyone seriously doing PHP development to try out the 30 day trial of PhpStorm. If you like it it’s gonna be well worth the money, even if you decide on using IntelliJ IDEA instead due to working with other languages as well. (And nope, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Jetbrains, the company behind PhpStorm/IDEA).

Just wanted to say that. Would be awesome if IDEA had excellent support for Yii specifically, as well.

PS: If you try out PhpStorm, check out: http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/92/configuring-phpstorm-ide-for-yii/

I am running this version on Windows and can’t seem to see what you show on your site. No link for the navigation.

Version: Helios Release

Build id: 20100617-1415

Same problem here using openSUSE 11.4 and Eclipse Version: Helios Release Build id: 20100617-1415

To see navigation hyperlinks two conditions must be met:

  • yii support must be on

  • press Ctrl button + mouse hover on object to be navigated

I see, I miss that little detail about "Ctrl + mouse hover". It works now! Thanks

Great KEo!

Can you share your code to GitHub or BitBucket, so that we can help improve or even migrate it to NetBeans?

Thank you again!


I have a problem on ubuntu.

I get this:

[font="Arial"]Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.

Software being installed: Yiiclipse Core (org.maziarz.yiiclipse.feature.feature.group

Missing requirement: YiiclipseCore (org.maziarz.yiiclipse requires ‘package org.eclipse.php.internal.core.model 0.0.0’ but it could not be found

Cannot satisfy dependency:

From: Yiiclipse Core (org.maziarz.yiiclipse.feature.feature.group

To: org.maziarz.yiiclipse [][/font]

I’ve got the same error rook got (using Ubuntu). I’ll try to install this on Fedora tomorrow.

Theoretically I could recommend installation on fresh INDIGO release using delivered updatesite. I’ve just tested this way on Ubuntu 10.04 and seems to work fine. You can start with “Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers” package. Yiiclipse should automatically install all the dependencies (including PDT).

Nonetheless, for all those who have still problems with installing Yiiclipse in regular way can use dropins feature of eclipse. The drawback is that plugins installed such way cannot be updated with update mechanism and the same I do not recommend you such way, but if there is no other option it should work.

NOT RECOMMENDED: You need download the most recent bundle and put into dropins folder you can found in you eclipse home directory. Note: PDT needs to be already installed!!

For most recent bundle go to http://yiiclipse.maziarz.org/updatesite/1.0/plugins and pick the last one.

At the moment the url is: http://yiiclipse.maziarz.org/updatesite/1.0/plugins/org.maziarz.yiiclipse_1.0.0.201108011652.jar

Feature request: Whether I decide to use a already uncompressed Yii distribution or download it using the wizard, it should let me choose to initialize the project with any of the Yii examples provided.

Bug report: Yii extraction doesn’t work on Ubuntu 11.04, Using Eclipse Indigo. It downloads the file and then gets stuck. The wizard doesn’t closes/ends but the IDE is still full responsive. Clicking “Cancel” will close the wizard. Looking into the directory where the file its supposed to be decompressed, turns out that there’s no yii* directory. Also got full rw permissions in it.

EDIT: My bad. I misspelled the destination directory. However the plugin should have a way to inform the user for any errors related to this.

And… Thanks for your work. Appreciated.

Man, this is pure awesome. Thank you so much for this one :)

Now what I’ve always missed and do not know how to fix in the view files is the reference to the controller object. Eg when using “$this” in the views, it would be absolutely awesome if I could get autocomplete to work, even if not the real controller (eg PostsController which rendered posts/view.php) but at least CController, it would be useful for $this->createUrl(), $this->renderPartial() etc calls. I have tried doing the following phpDoc thing as suggested somewhere around but it doesn’t work for me on few different eclipse installations… :(


* @var PostsController $this