I just joined today and have some questions regarding Yii2. I couldn’t find a dedicated sub/forum for it.

  • Where can I find the source code even if it’s in the alpha stage with “[color=”#8B0000"]Use at own risk! No support provided![/color]"?

  • Will it implement namespace, interface, and/or abstract class?

Also, where can I find the preferred coding standard/practices, whether it be strict or loose, for both/either v1.1 or v2? TIA!


well, there is no official release date for 2.0, the "promise" is december here: http://www.yiiframework.com/download/

2.0 will be built on php 5.3 so there is a good chance that the developers will use namespaces (but, you can use namespaces in 1.1 for yourself, as far as I know)

you can look at some default/basic conventions here: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/basics.convention

hope it helps,


oh, btw here is the dedicated forum thread for 2.0


He can’t see it as he’s not worthy…

Nor am I… <_<

Has source code for Yii2 been released, even if it’s in alpha stage? I didn’t see it at the download link, only v1.1 and deprecated v1.0.

Yup :o So, how do I become worthy? :D

BTW, why the limit of 3 posts for 1st day? ??? :unsure:

You must follow the path of the Worthy Yii Forum User ( WYFU )

After 20 posts you should be able to see the hidden Yii 2 forum. :)

I should just say that it’s 20 worth posts, as non worthy posts gets penalised… :D

So what constitutes a worthy and a non-worthy post? I don’t wanna spam as I don’t like spammers myself :D :lol: Thanks again!

Check the sections we have in this forum… any question or answer related to the section description is a good post… like any question about a Yii problem… or an answer that tries to solve/help another user problem…

I wrote the line above because there was a user that made 20 posts and in each writing just a number from 1-20…

As for the "hidden" yii 2.0 section… there is really not much information… that section is more about users expressing their idea on what should be added/changed for the next Yii version

The yii 2.0 version is still in early alpha stage and it has still a long way to go… the code is not available yet for public view (it’s on a private repository for now) as there are not much to see there, just some fundamental classes… when it will be ready it will be posted on github…