Yii2-Wizard of Yeti


Has anyone been able to get this yii2 extension to work? Same extension is also found here.

I have done everything I could do like the examples suggest, particularly the registration example but yet I have these problemes:

  1. I cannot even run step 1 of my forms. I get the following error:

 PHP Notice – yii\base\ErrorException 

Undefined index: stepone 

(‘stepone’ is the name of my first step) and the wizard stops at this line:

           if (isset($this->_session[$this->_stepDataKey][$step][$this->_session[$this->_indexKey]])) {

                $event->stepData = $this->_session[$this->_stepDataKey][$step][$this->_session[$this->_indexKey]];


. It is line n° 273 of the WizardBehavior.

  1. Also, the url it shows is: .../submission?step=stepone (submission is my action)

which is very far from beeing a pretty Url.

What am I doing wrong?

Can please someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Same here… tried 2 days and still no luck. Would greatly appreciate if someone could help please!