yii2-codeception -vs- Yii2 Module

I ran into an issue after upgrading codeception this week, and came across this reference to yii2-codeception being "deprecated":

Can someone confirm? I’ve reconfigured my unit tests to utilize the Yii2 module now, but my acceptance tests are still using classes that extend from BasePage, etc. and I’m trying to find an alternate means of handling that functionality if we’re not to continue using the yii2-codeception package.


I confirm. It will be deprecated.

Thanks! Time to refactor ;)

Hi, could you please explain what kind of refactoring you are considering? I have removed yii2-codeception and now my tests fail miserably despite my efforts…

Did you add the Yii2 module? You will need to do that.

After that, the only thing I really needed to replace were references to any Page objects, which can mostly be handled just by using $I->amOnPage() or by writing a short helper method that duplicates what the openBy() method of the page object was doing, or by using the site nav and $I->click to get to the page you’re trying to test. Lots of ways around not having the page objects.