Yii wallpapers

Two Yii-logo wallpapers created by me:

for my laptop it would be nice to have it in 1360x768 :slight_smile:

Feel free to resize these ;)


these are awesome :) great idea!


Cool Samdark…

Fantastic ones!

Would be great to see more!

One more image (can’t call it wallpaper actually): http://rmcreative.ru/img/yii-wallpaper/yii_wallpaper_color.jpg

this one is nice …( I’m trying to organize my desktop icons to get maximum point ;) )

2 first one are really nice … thanks Samdark

Cool and clean. Thanks for sharing these!

Definitely I will use.

Thank you samdark :)

Thank you, I can use one for each monitor :).

thanks :)

They are beautiful…

could we have the source please ? (psd ? xcf ?)

The logo is available here, so feel free to create your own version. Using gimp (or similar) should make it pretty easy to find out what the color endpoints of the gradients are, actually.

But speaking of which: samdark, is there any chance to see SVG versions of the logo?

Here it is: 5737


nice work brother…

This is very good well done :)

I have make myself for my laptop screen… Yii Wallpaper 1080p HQ Widescreen…