Yii Vs. Zend Framework In 2012

Good day every one, I know that this topic my emerge every now and than, sorry about beeing the one to bring it this time. Does any one consider the use o Zend Framework over Yii in commercial applications?

Considering another topic on this subject from 2009, one of the disadvanteges of the use o Yii was the lack o tutorials and documentation. Three years later, does anyone believes this would persist?

Lack of tutorials and documentation? There’s no such problem with Yii nowadays. Internet is full of Yii tutorial and there are at least four books on Yii two of which are written by core team members and one by very talented professional IT writer.

Agreed with @samdark, when I get started with Yii about 3 years ago, if you wanted to write an webapp you had to DIY, but nowadays is a complete different scenario. YiiFramework.com website is full of very good documentation, and lots of developers and companies are (and were) developing apps on Yii, so you can get much better support nowadays.

Yii guide and available Yii books are great for starting and advance lavel.

other than this one can learn anything only by practicing and experience


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