Yii themes/apps for sale?

People like me (understands php, but lacks in starting from scratch) are aware the Yii capabilities, but are forced to use Wordpress/Joomla based CMS’s due the fact that there seems to be zero market for themenized Yii apps.

Why is that? Does somebody claim that creating a new site with a implemented html theme is way harder than to code it to Wordpress? Or is there a marketplace where people are selling themenized Yii based apps?

There’s a huge market opportunity for Yii, but still capable people are looking to get contracted for a single project instead of doing something their own and sell it to multiple users. People designing themes would gladly jump in a boat.

Like vice.com, I’d buy it straight away for 150$. People would pay more just to get away from Wordpress, which has themes costing from 39$ to 100$.

Please share your comments and thoughts on this.

I guess that’s because:

  1. Yii is mostly used for custom projects, not for typical websites.

  2. Bootstrap themes aren’t hard to adopt.

  1. That’s just because there isn’t any market and therefore there is no demand. In the beginning, Wordpress wasn’t meant to run websites - just blogs.

  2. Yet there isn’t any apps available.

  1. There are:


Yes, I’ve spotted wrapbootstraps backend themes a while ago. I see that 690 of those were sold, so there’s a market. The rest you provided me, I wouldn’t call them commercial grade themes that could actually be sold.

Most commercial grade themes - for anything - sucks big time - at least for use with an advanced framework like Yii.

I have seen so many commercial grade themes and the source code almost always stinks.

Yes, it looks great, but they are incredibly hard to adjust, mainly because many of them are generated from Less/Sass and those source files are not provided.

If you are going to be successful in selling commercial grade themes to me as a Yii developer, then it will have to be clean code, neatly organized and complete with extensible Sass source files so that I can change it to match whatever particular application I am going to apply it to.

My point is that it is futile…

What we need is complete frameworks, like Bootstrap or Foundation, because it has to be applicable to a wide range of applications…

Know your customers: we are not people who will be satisfied with buying a good looking theme because we don’t know how to code one ourselves.

We are not Wordpress, Joomla, Magento end-users.

We are developers.

And we need frameworks, not some one trick theme pony. ;)