Yii Project Ideas

A random list of things that were cool to do in or with Yii. Feel free to write down some ideas yourself.

  • Re-implementation of B.A.S.E.

B.A.S.E. is the successor of ACID, a web frontend for the Snort IDS. The last release of B.A.S.E. is now more than two years old and had a pretty bad codebase to start with. Writing a new webapp from scratch could bring more attention to the Yii framework. Especially from the security community. Bonus: Better looking reports through Highcharts.

  • Yii-port of the tuning-primer script

The tuning-primer script is a small shellscript that is intended as an aid in fine-tuning a MySQL server install. bringing this as a widget or shell command to Yii would be an interesting challenge. (Little to do, actually. But I think it would help some people tremendously)

  • Webinterface for the shroudBNC IRC Proxy

sBNC is a bouncer written in C++. up to the v1.1 release, it had a nice little webinterface with a crisp, simplistic design. The v.2 release introduced some bc-breaking changes that took the webinterface down. It might be an idea to write a new one facilitating PEAR::Net_SmartIRC. this would proof nicely that Yii is perfectly suitable for tasks beyond the traditional PHP/{$YourFavouriteRDBMS} pairing. The old interface had support for plugin pages. i.e. you added a plugin/script in Tcl/tk to the bouncer and wrote a small php script to control its behaviour via the webinterface. The same could be done pretty easily with Yii’s very own form builder.

  • yii-ncurses

Tired of cryptic command combos with yiic? Miss the 80’s fullscreen textbased UIs? ncurses to the rescue! Seriously: A web application framework in the year 2012 with a TUI in ncurses? How can you not love that B)