Yii Newsletter

I’ve already tweeted this but the forum seems to be the best place to ask: I am currently thinking about creating a weekly newsletter which will be a source of interesting content all about the Yii ecosystem. Some ideas:

  1. Framework news (e.g.: upcoming Yii 2.0 news ,major bugfixes, interesting stuff happening on Github)

  2. Good articles to read (with links and short description): Not solely focused on Yii but also some of the peripherals (JQuery, git,composer)

  3. Good vids to watch: Like tutorials on Youtube, or anything that is of general interest like MySQL performance tipps or PHP best practises.

  4. Projects using Yii: Companies/startups using Yii, maybe I can get an interview here and then, not sure => a lot of work I guess

What do you think? Would you subscribe? Do you have any suggestions? Let me here



Yes Hannes I’d definitely subscribe and tell about it.

For #2: would be useful to also include HTML and web development in general.

That’s a good idea. I was thinking about creating a blog with a newsletter in the past, but I didn’t have time to do it :confused:

@bennouna: I am not yet sure about the balance between “pure Yii related stuff” and things of general interest like HTML5 etc… The focus will mainly be Yii of course but if there are some really good articles about webdevelopment/design in general I’ll add them. Maybe I’ll have a little category called “a look across the pond” to add these sort of links :)

@Rodrigo Coelho: That’s why I won’t create a blog for this. I am just some sort of “human aggregator”. Still hard, but manageable I guess. Btw.: Did you change your username? :)

Thanks again!

Human aggregator :)

I like your idea, go ahead! Please let me know when it is ready.

Yes, I did. I replaced "mentel" with my real name.

I’d gladly subscribe. The aggregation of news concerning Yii 2 alone is a good selling point. For the time being, it is very time consuming to collect what’s happening behind the scenes.

@Haensel you’ll be the Yii newsletter Curator then :) it’s a more hype word :)

I would subscribe especially if you could squeeze some Yii 2.0 news out of Qiang. :rolleyes:


I’d love to see a Yii newsletter. Any developments as of yet?

bump Any progress?