Yii-like Java framework


I’m looking for a Yii-like web application framework for Java. I’m aware of Apache Struts but it seems pretty complex to me, so I’m searching for something that is closer to the Yii approach. I looked here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_application_frameworks#Java_2 and I’ve found Play! http://www.playframework.org which seems nice, but maybe there is something better.

Could you suggest me a Yii-like Java framework? Thank you.

That’s tough. Yii get quite a lot of concepts from Ruby on Rails (although not all). So you might want to “ruby rails” as keywords.

Maybe I can suggest you JRuby on Rails. But the problem is it is written in Ruby language which running on Java Virtual Machine.

While from what I read you must be need framework for JSP not to run on JVM, so I haven’t know any yet.

At least you may try to googling something like "java rails" or some "ruby" keyword. Who knows it be can help.

I’ve read some reviews and it looks like “Play!” is somewhat RoR-like. Grails seems to be another option.

Try Seam framework

I am learning Java for some projects, and was looking for an MVC framework like Yii. But all Java frameworks are overly complicated, there’s not something like Yii’s “code and go”.

So I thought, why not try porting Yii to Java while trying to learn it? So that’s what I am doing, a straight source port of Yii to Java, it already run some basic layouts!

It is a pet project, I am not really sure if I will finish it, and need to consider what the Yii team think of it, as it is basically the Yii source adapted to Java, but it someone wants to help / give advice to a Java newbie, be my guest!


Kudos for picking such a bold project for learning! :)