Yii Is An Excellent Web Framework

The more I use Yii, the more I like it.

No, actually, I don’t like Yii - I love it!

[color=#1C2837][size=2]The more I use Yii, the more I found its rich functionalities, the more I love it![/size][/color]

the more I have reasons to use it.

super beginer user but i like it :)

Really enjoying Yii, very awesome Rapid Application Development Tool


I was on Codeigniter for a few years, but i’m adopting yii.

Yii has purely functionallity

Yii is a robust framework,

medium learning curve

rapid developing

one of the best about benchmark (performance)

what else? loving with that :)

I had to “un-learn” Codeigniter, on some points, it’s like switching from Gimp to Photoshop. It does the same thing but not quite the same way.

There are a few points on witch i wish Yii can be a bit “Ignited”, like the documentation (that’s the easy but time consuming part), or the syntax (really verbose sometime comparing to CI) … but i’ll keep going on learning the awesome parts of Yii.

For the Docs part, i’ll try to start something later, when i’ll be less “newbie” ;) A practical “point per point” of usual actions we need to manage : date, time, emails, uploads, sessions, asyncron Ajax, ans so on.


It’s a amazing framework.