Yii ignored by popular german nerd IT news site

golem.de is one of the most popular german news sites "for IT professionals". In contrast to other news sites they are considered to be (mostly) independent. It makes me sad, that they ignored Yii so far. Instead they push other much more immature frameworks like "Fuel PHP":


What a cruel and unfair world this is … :)

They have not realized the power of Yii… yet… ;)

I’m waiting for that for more than 2 years now. I even suggested a news article about Yii back when we did the first german translation of the guide - no response. Considering the completeness of our beloved framework, the amount of the docs we have and the cough responsive community i think that’s really poor.

Time will come…

Success comes with three factors: hard work, perseverance and determination

You said it Mike… you just said it

Heise.de, arguably the most important german IT news publisher, mentioned Yii back in 2008 both on the site and their print magazine c’t. Time for an update, I guess ;)

Many hate for PHP in the Heise forums. I guess that’s the simple reason they decided to report less on PHP related stuff and instead write about Apple all day long… :lol:

Oops, you’re right! I have to apologize for my accusation. Somehow i couldn’t find anything when i searched their archive. But here it is:


Right, PHP users sometimes have to fear for their lives there :).

EDIT: No apologies required - i missed that i talked about golem.de in my first post