Yii Framework


I’m new to the Yii PHP OOP framework. I have a question about its structure.

Can the /framework and /protected directories be used for multiple site(s) development

or is a new setup required for each site?


Welcome to Yii Family,

You can use Framework for multiple projects without extra coding but using protected for multiple projects is not a good idea.

Thank-you for your response,

I can see how the /framework directory could be reused, but if a new yii setup is ran

for a new site, wouldn’t it establish new directories (/framework and /protected)

for that site? Would you delete the newly created /framework directory?


I dont know if I get your question correctly, but everything depends on You. You can set in every app/site the same directory for framework files. I dont understand how You can use the same protected files, it will be the same page :P Of course You can do some widgets or components and use it with few sites.