Yii Framework Support for NetBeans IDE

Hello all,

I know this has been long overdue, but I have started implementing Yii Framework Support for NetBeans IDE.

The module is planned to support project creation from NetBeans and performing Yii (console) commands from within the IDE.

If everything goes well, we should have a the implementation by NetBeans v 7.1. I will post the initial sources on

github soon.



Great! I look forward to it. Thanks!

The first step has been taken :)

http://hg.netbeans.org/web-main/rev/46366eabbbe9 at lines 2.7 and 2.15

Sounds awesome to me! How long will the wait gonna be for NetBeans 7.1?

Once the module is developed you can always download the "Development version 7.1" of NetBeans

and try it. I am actually developing the Yii Framework support on NB 7.1 Dev itself.

I guess the public release 7.1 will be sometime either end of this year or next year.

Good to hear that. We already have Yii support in Eclipse PDT and CodeLobster. Will be great to see NetBeans in this list.

It is a great news for Yii and Netbeans

Here is another screen grab with some progress made.

God Bless you.

For me, more important than code generation support, is the need for proper handling of hinting and auto-completion, as Netbeans doesn’t have knowledge of how Yii resolves it’s variables. Is that functionality implemented yet in your module?

If you could release integration simply with that functionality, and then release the code-generation aspect as a later version, that would be quite appreciated…

dude that’s awesome :)

Fantastic, can’t wait to see it publicly available =)

Nice one! Are you willing to share it as a plugin?

See http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/83/ . Works for me.

I will post the plugin once I have finished the extension API. I am also not sure whether the code will be included in the NetBeans distribution or github at the moment. But I am working on it.

I already force type hinting via phpdoc, but that’s not a proper solution imho.

I’d much rather see Netbeans be able to properly follow (and hint)


Which, it currently cannot do.

Maybe that’s asking too much, I dunno. I was under the impression that Netbeans support for Zend & Symfony allowed it to know how to handle magic variables in the framework, so it seemed that the above should be possible once proper Yii support exists…

Wow, great, I cannot wait to try it.

Congrats dude.

Cool!Can’t wait to have it! May we see a list of the plugin’s features?


At the moment the plugin can be used for project generation. I am working on an extension API which will enable developers to add support for their own Yii extensions to the Yii plugin itself.

The initial version is basic because most of the plugin requirements are unknown at this moment, once people start using it, I will know what to added to the plugin for the next version.

You might want to take a look at the features of Yiiclipse and CodeLobster Yii plugin for ideas. I personally find the navigation feature of Yiiclipse to be very useful.