Yii Framework Support for NetBeans IDE

Nice, can’t wait until we see this in action. I also like the direction you are taking with the extension API, this way you/we end up with a more feature rich plugin.


As to the code completion in NetBeans…



There is a great write up in the yii forums here:


I can get full completion even the one you mentioned. Works great and all you have to do is add the path to Yii to you projects include paths.

True that would work, but it would be nice to just have an IDE that would track through variables as expected.

It’s always good to liberally pepper code with comments, but for situations when you’re trying to remember what variables you have available to you (such as what components are defined in your config) from Yii::app()->, it would be quite handy to not have to dig into code or add comments (or the instanceof trick) just to emulate what should ideally already be available.

True, the added overhead of parsing the included Yii framework folders or hacks like phpDoc IDE helpers is not as elegant as having a plugin (or native solution) that gives you the same… I was just making sure that you were aware of that method in the interim. I painfully understand having to dig for complex member/method structures and all the possible permutations of some of these as well. I just wanted to add that tidbit to make sure you weren’t neck deep in variables because of it :)

Your response was indeed appreciated, I’m sure there are many PHP devs that are unaware of the workarounds that you pointed to, so it’s very relevant to point out :slight_smile:


The initial commit has been added to NetBeans repository. It is skeleton-only for now.


Great news!

I am definitely going to follow this. :lol:

Notice in http://hg.netbeans.org/main/contrib/file/f0f91e09e6af/php.yii/src/org/netbeans/modules/php/yii/YiiScript.java you have a wrong script name = "yicc" instead of "yiic"

thanks. the current version in the repo is just an initial version.

here is another update:

Very cool to see that. For the password field, I’d add a check-box to optionally reveal password (if possible), to help ensure someone doesn’t have a space in the password or typo the password. If you can’t reveal via a toggle, then perhaps have the developer enter password a 2nd time to verify it’s what they expect.

Also, Gii config should have ability to update IP Address(es) as well, as I personally do all development on a remote dev server, so or "localhost" never works for me, and I know other devs and companies that do the same.

:blink: nice

What happened with this plugin ?

Anyone developed something for netbeans and yii ?

I am developing this plugin. Is there anything specific you would like to know?

Is there a workable plugin that we can try yet?

Even if only alpha/beta I am sure there are members that would love to bang on it and give some feedback. Having a few extra testers may give you valuable insight to bugs a single person testing may miss.

The plugin in in netbeans/contrib/php.yii repository, but you will need to compile it with the latest development version of netbeans (this is not easy if you have never done it before)

I will put a compiled version in the following week and post a howto here.

Thank you Gevik, I’m looking forward to this!

Thank you!


I upload a quick demo of Yii Framework Support in NetBeans 7.1, demonstration Ext4Yii code completion.

Check this out

Did you ever get the compiled version in repo? I have looked and do not see it.