Yii Framework and PHP 5.4

I’m trying PHP 5.4 (I’ll make the transition from 5.2 when it’s at least 5.4.2). So, I’ll be posting here my findings regarding Yii+5.4

Have you discovered anything yet? i was kind of hoping this would be a post that was saying Yii would be written w/ php 5.4 in mind, given all the interesting new features they added.

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I’ve been toying around with v5.4 for a bit now. I only noticed some serious breakage in a legacy app for now (probably maguic quotes related. I need to dig deeper into that). Apart from that, everything is fine. It looks like current APC doesn’t work with it, so you need to pull a version from SVN. So far, no problems with Yii. but there are quite noticeable speed improvements.

If you are on a RadHat-based distro, I can recommend remi’s fine RPMs (they are mostly a backport of the Fedora/Rawhide RPMs). If you are interested what’s new: Ilia gave a nice presentation on that.

Follow-up: This PHP v5.4 PPA is fine for Ubuntu. Still couldn’t spot any bugs, but it really looks like most stuff is now really DB-bound. With Yii it turns into a real challenge to produce pages that take longer than 0.2s to render :lol:

Oh yes, the packaged APC version won’t work. But pulling a version from SVN doesn’t seem to be necessariy. As far as I can tell, it’s entirely sufficient to compile the last version via pear/pecl.

Ok, here’s one … If you’re running v3.1.9 of APC, make sure to set apc.stat to 1 and apc.include_once_override to 0. I’m seeing a lot of segfaults with other settings <_<

I’ll try and post my result later.

HI, I’m havving problems with errors that appears in the app, that before 5.3, don’t.

Can you tell me how to "bypass" some errors ?

Undefined index: id


Stack trace:




#1 /opt/lampp/htdocs/yii-1.1.12/framework/web/CBaseController.php(174):