Yii Forum https support


is there e reason, why this forum does not support https?

I’m feeling “uncomfortable”, by sending my login-credential unencrypted thought the whole world, where everyone can read this…

Maybe I’m the only one who thinking this way?


I am not thinking that way, to be honest, but it would be a good idea. :)

Preferably, combined with a new forum software, like Discourse or the like.

Yes. When deploying to new server we should set up https as well.

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Something to consider: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-is-requiring-https-for-secure-data-in-chrome/183756/

Careful with Discourse, is a resource eater (true story, company experience), maybe FLARUM: http://flarum.org/

It can’t be Flarum because it is using Laravel

Is it still in beta?

I really like Flarum, personally, but the evaluation so far has been on robustness and features, and Discourse is battle tested.

Yes, it follows the "just throw more resources at it" principle, which is common in the Ruby world…

My preference is to use NodeBB which is much lighter.

But it is not as mature as Discourse, although it is very, very close. :)

Why not something written in Yii ;D

Do you have this something? If yes and it’s good then we’ll migrate to it, of course.