Yii empty folder issue

There is a common issue with zip file that contain empty folder when it is extracted the empty folder become a file instead of folder.

Because of the above issue many open source distribute their zip file where it has empty folder they put in some kind of place holder file to ensure the folder will be created when unzip.

Is that possible to do similar with Yii zip file distribution?


I’ve never seen this issue. What’s your operating system and what are you using to unzip files?

Usually a placeholder file is used because some revision control systems don’t support adding empty dirs.

Yii is already using .yii files in the empty directories… Do you have any issues?

I don’t experience this myself…

What OS and what Zip are you talking about here? :)

There are some "empty" file in empty folder but "demo" folder where blog and others that do not have "empty" file.

I use the PHP zip function call to unzip Yii distribution file and found out that several empty folder were create as file instead of folder because it is empty.