Yii Docs: Generate Docs For Api, Guide And Blog (Chm Compartible)


I have in-house IDE I use with Yii and I want to make integration with Yii Manuals (API, Guide and Blog). All I need is un-compiled CHM files (html/css/js and .hhp .hhk and .hhc). I tried with Guide and all I can get is latex files. So is with blog. I did not get API generate files (see error log below.)

My question is, is it possible to get that with Yii. I got it when compiling PHP Manual’s docbook XML.

I don’t understand much of Yii docs so sorry if it is something obvious

And If I posted in inappropriate place, I apologize.


Looking at the Phing build script -> https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/blob/master/build/build.xml

you need the help compiler (hhc) in your path.

And then of course Phing and phpdoc.

Did you use phing?

Hi Jacmoe,

I don’t thinks so, because I don’t need to compile them in chm. So that final step is unnecessary unless it is compulsory to make the script run. I’m working from Ubuntu with no hhc compiler (I don’t need CHM but the files that are finally compiled into CHM)

How do I install phpdoc? Pear or something like that? Is it necessary to do the build?

What is it? That script in build directory?

If so then Yes. Actually what I did was downloading the archive from github extracted and CD-ed to that directory

then on terminal i typed:

./build/build api check yiidocs/

I have read what phing is and installed it. But it is only a PDF generator.

I need HTMLHelp project files (just before they are compiled into chm)

I’m still searching for possibility but I remember docs in version 1.9 I think had a CHM file so it should be possible somewhere down the road!

I have read this paper and its promising but the latex2html in Ubuntu requires like 0.5GB, quiet huge (with dependencies of course). Is there a light solution out there?

Also I cannot get API build. I have tried as log above shows. But I have tried to remove Guide and Blog from build.xml and leave API alone but it builds empty archive in build/release/dist. What am I doing wrong?

Help Please :bump:

I can build API now (it needs PHPUnit and Selenium ext). It contains MS Help Project files which is fine.

I want to have now MS Project files. I have downloaded and installed latex2html and I’m trying it out!

Any help is appreciated (for Guide and Blog)

Stefano: I can’t help you because I haven’t done this, and don’t need it, and don’t have time to look into it…

But, I would really appreciate if you started a wiki page about how to actually do this.

Great job so far. :)

Thanks for word of encouragement.

If I succeed I will write full wiki. Else I will post my little success!

How does Yii docs generate online version of the user Guide and Blog tutorial?

If anyone knows, I would appreciate!

Anyone who knows how I can get HTML version of Guide and Blog tutorial?

bump :)

related https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/issues/1950