Yii Conference

Hey guys,

I just wanted to float this idea. I think it would be great if we all got together somewhere to discuss Yii and the future of Yii via presentations and workshops like a DrupalCon. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to our community to get a little face time with one another? Does anybody else think this is a good idea, or am I just trying to find a way to get some paid vacation from my employer who would most likely pay my way?



I think this is an awesome idea :)


I think it would be awesome too. I’d like to hear from Yii Staff on this. I would volunteer to help organize this. I’m not far from Buffalo, NY and I have good relations with my former IT professor at D’Youville College in Buffalo. I may be able to swing this as a possible location. Again, I’m just putting out some ideas. I don’t want to take too much time away from the terrific core dev team we have here with Yii.

Good idea, I think. I was talking about Yii at RIT++ 2010 and I can say it was great to meet other Yii developers and get some more feedback. I’ll not be able to attend conference in US but overall it’s a very good idea.

I may not be able to visit US either due to visa restrictions but we can organize a EU conf as well. I see some of the staff people are from around Europe…[if their public profile info is correct].

We cant forget about a ‘yii developer’s meeting’ or something like that. :)


Maybe I’ll speak at WebConf Riga this autumn but that’s not confirmed.

Pizza + beer + house music @ my place in Ann Arbor Michigan, anytime.

But if there is ever an official Yii conference I will ask my employer to send me, or I could arrange some space here at U of M.

Confirmed my speech at Riga WebConf in Latvia. Talk will be in English.

Conference itself will be November 10-11.


You can start a small and friendly Yii usergroup, I think. Here in Russia we’re gathering to drink some beer and share experience quite often.