Yii Cms


We have created CMS for our clients projects using Yii (and we improving it in every project). The system uses Yii module architecture (without a custom file structure - default sceleton only) and MySql database. You can find a demo site here: http://cms.goodone.lt (backend: http://cms.goodone.lt/admin)

Download link: http://cms.goodone.lt/cms.zip (download if only you are ready to research it yourself)

good works , congrats . :lol:

is this opensource ?

the filemanager is very amazing . if your proj is not opensource could you share something with us is also nice !

Looks really good.

Agree with yiqing95, may be very useful as open-source :)

Anyway, nice work.

I’m fan of the page managment system: really impressive.


it’s an “elfinder” based one. You will find some extensions that have allready implemented it.


Just a question do you keep it for you or do you plan to share.

That’s just a question ;)

nice work,

+1 for this.

It is elfinder. Maybe later i will make cms downloadable.

nice info :lol:

liked it!

Good news !

Noted :lol: , and like it… :D

+1 good work

I see you are using tinyMce with elFinder…

About elFinder integration: you published elfinder connector into assets folder - this is serious security issue, anyone who has url to elFinder connector can hack you site.

At least you need to disable executing php files in uploads folder(anyone who has access to elFinder, can upload php file and do whatever he wants on server).

About elFinder2 some time ago (this summer), I have also tried to integrate it with tinyMce - but it looks ugly with iframe(as in your variant) and it can not be used in jquery-ui.dialog (as 1.x version), so I have decided to delay development of this extension until elFinder 2.x release. ( If you are interest - latest version of my elfinder widget for 2.x is here: https://bitbucket.org/z_bodya/yii-elfinder2 )

So, why you decided to use unstable 2.x version, there is benefits in comparison to 1.x?

Also maybe you would be interested in my extensions for content editing:



In comparison to your code, there are following benefits:

  • better integration with elFinder(access to elFinder connector can be restricted using yii access control filter)

  • compressor for tinyMCE scripts (separate action)

  • spellchecker action for tinyMce

  • imho, better skin for tinyMce(modified version of cirkuitSkin).

  • almost anytime latest tinymce version(I try to keep it up to date)

And maybe disadvantages:

  • elFinder 1.x

Interested to see :rolleyes:

Hm… gallery management, also looks not bad…

Would be interesting to see its implementation =)

I have made something similar but with slightly more features, maybe it would be interesting for you:


(i18d fork from it: https://bitbucket.org/z_bodya/i18d-gallerymanager)

Hi! it looks great, but can’t find where to download it. I’v missed something or I need to contact developers?

Hi Kestas,

I’m very interested in this CMS. Can you contact me on skype “Blee@inbox.lv” ??

Hi Kestas,

I’m very working on CMS building.

Could you please guide me on the page management, its really good.


The demo looks really nice. Is it available as an yii extension to download and try locally?

Would like to use in a real-time project.


I agree - very nice project.

I notice, however, that the Kestas G has not been active on this web for a while,

so I guess it is not likely that the source will be available anytime soon.

May You should disabled files backup. It’s too heavy for demo ;)

Good job :)