Yii Cms

nice job :D

I decided to share this CMS source code with you. Please download if only you are ready to research it yourself. I don’t have any how-to document. Good luck.

Download link: http://cms.goodone.lt/cms.zip

This will be useful to a lot of people. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for sharing it.

I just uploaded it and works fine except for the content, when I try to add a page the structure won’t load.

What might cause it

Do you see the same problem in the demo project?

Try to redownload it. I accidentally removed TinyMCE inclusion. Thanks for the notice.

The structure is showing ok

new, delete, up and down works ok in content structure

except for the edit function does not load for some pages

and some settings of the dashboard where removed

Nice Work Kestutis…

[font="Arial"][size="2"]When trying to do a backup from the admin pages, I got an "Array to string conversion" error on line 41 in protected\modules\cms_core\components\UrlTransliterate.php[/size][/font]



[font="Arial"][size="2"]Changing the code to this seems to have fixed it:[/size][/font]


$ignoreRe = '\b'. preg_replace('/,/', '\b|\b', http_build_query($ignoreWords)) .'\b';


Nice job …

keep up the good work

hi all …

this downloadable version of CMS has some problem … for example some js file in tiny_mce and …

another problem is related to fileManager in textEditor(tiny_mce),i can’t choose a pic from my files … any one can help me ? tanks

It is great and the file manager is awesome :) . Great work

Maybe you need to configure elfinder. Look in modules\cms_core\js\elfinder2\php\connector.php

it seem’s that the “FilemanagerController.php” in “modules\cms_content\controllers\admin” is not complete and it hasn’t any action to render popup.php(view) … may i ask you to send me complete code of this controller and popup.php (view) ?

sorry i’m beginner :( … what should i excactly do and change in coonnector.php ? tanks

any one can help me ?

Great work, Kestutis!

Thanks for sharing!

Why you don’t want to add this project to github? I think many people would like to contribute to this project.

I second that. This would be a great project for github.

nice work