yii based forum

Nothing bad against IP board, I actually like it better in someways to phpBB but I’m surprised that the yii community doesn’t use their own home brew solution or try to team up with a another board community to role a forum/BBS based on yii.

That would be a bad case of the NIH syndrome, IMO. ;)

Put a link mate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_Invented_Here



I totally don’t get which way the NIH response is supposed to go?

You mean IPB is better than rolling your own or are you agreeing that yii should be eating it’s own dog food?


I’d rather have the Yii developers put their efforts into making Yii better than spending 100s of man years on something which already exist. ;)

"or try to team up with a another board community"

I agree with your base idea which is why I included that part into my first post.

So, you could even pull in other types of communities.

By having several varieties of development teams looking and working on the core code you will save more than 100s of man years.

And you would be eating your own dog food. Which isn’t always the best thing (ie, Microsoft can prove why) but for something like yii it would bring mindshare and user base to yii. Nothing like advertisement!

For building a forum with Yii you don’t need to work on the Yii core ;)

You just need to have a team willing to work on a forum based on Yii… and there you go…

NOTE: yii is the first php framework that has caught my attention. RoR and Django were first.

I really do like what I see, like what I see in the community and such.

So, I’m not trying to be a troll, a trouble maker or such. I just see a possibilities here. So, I’m trying to contribute in my own way.

I hear what you’re saying.

AND that is how it has always been for any type of "framework" or expandable code base.

Which is easily proven by stopping at almost any site on the net.

@ “For building a forum with Yii you don’t need to work on the Yii core”

However, that is not my point.

My point is more of “eating your own dog food”. If the core doesn’t need to be worked on by several outside teams who could provide back with input, comments, bug fixes and ideas much like any “application” open source (thinking of LibreOffice – OpenOffice) then you could basically roll your own forum and prove to the outside that yii is truly mature enough to be used in mission critical applications.

@ "You just need to have a team willing to work on a forum based on Yii"

I also agree with you there too, but that is not the point I’m trying to make.

IF that was the sole purpose, I would have started a "thread" to get some people together.

There is a huge difference between "some people" trying to get together and the "core team" asking the community to pull together.

@ make what you will of what I’m trying to put to words …

Really, folks, I’m just trying to trow out some ideas to go beyond what you can find normally.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

It’s obvious that you are new here… and have not took a look at all that Yii offers and what Yii is…

if not you would know that everybody can provide feedback, comments and bug fixes… and many users do that… maybe you haven’t seen that yet but Yii source is on googlecode and there anybody can fill a new issue - http://code.google.c…ii/updates/list

And on the forum we have "bug reports" and "feature request"

You are very correct. I have not even covered 5% of what is on the site.

But what I have seen of the 5% on the site and the 5-10 hours of google research was more than enough to prove to me it was worth to spend time downloading yii, writing posts to the forum and spending time thinking of what can be down with the software for my own and for the betterment of yii.

mdomba, I also want to thank you for personally answering and commenting in this thread.

However, as you do know that this is an open source project thus, people will only share and comment when they feel like it.

This is probably one of the biggest problems of open source. If you’re not OpenOffice or Firefox, you have to fight with all the other competing projects out there for mindshare.

I’m suggesting to widen your scope and pull in several other communities all in the name yii.

The Yii website is powered by Yii.

Everything, except the forum.

The Yii developers are using Yii to make real websites for real clients in the real world.

Why on Earth should they even attempt to develop a forum?

One, who is they?

I’m not saying the yii core team, and never have.

yii like any other software is working on real sites in the world. I do know that.

You are missing the issue.


My grandmother used to say that even Thor can be challenged!

(no, not the marvel one either!)

Then pick up the hammer and start building it. :lol:

:lol: That was a good one!